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Cooling for wastewater treatment systems

Wastewater cooling

More than just cooling...

At Aggreko, we understand the many logistical challenges wastewater treatment systems can pose especially with water being recycled in a refinery to boost maximum efficiency. However, when the water is not needed and is returned to source, post-treatment is a crucial step which also is heavily regulated. Cooling this water is essential as local legislation will state that certain temperatures must be achieved for it to be placed back into an ocean or river.

Our specialist team, Aggreko Process Services (APS) have unmatched industry experience applying the best in-house knowledge to such challenges. With engineer expertise, in-country ready equipment, local knowledge and fast delivery – we are a trusted partner for any cooling project. Shutdowns can be avoided with the right cooling solution applied, and we can answer any tough questions you have during the process.

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A trusted partner with a wealth of experience

Questions often arise around the key challenges faced due to increasing summer temperatures with even the most established refineries struggling. Wastewater gets too hot to be returned back at source, and biological waste treatment efficiency can be threatened. Getting the right temperature can be a tricky skill that refineries can trust us to get right.

There are various types of wastewater and subsequently various methods of cooling it. We will deliver a cost-effective cooling solution with expertise and quick turnaround times. With an unparalleled expertise in process enhancements, we will ensure we adhere to local legislative procedures so that you could avoid shutdowns, monetary loss or regulatory reprimand. To understand more on effective wastewater cooling you can download our whitepaper.

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