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Standing still in business is not an option.

Cutting costs and emissions with combined heat and power

A constant drive for bigger and better is what fuels a company. In times of economic uncertainty, efficiency is king. Every facet of operations can be passed under scrutiny, and that includes the fundamental basics – power and heat.

At Aggreko, we know that energy and temperature control prices fluctuate as much as demand for these services. One thing never diminishes though, and that is the requirement for a trustworthy partner who can deliver them.

We never rest on our laurels, we constantly search for better so we can pass these benefits on to you. One way we can provide a cost-effective solution is with our combined heat and power (CHP) packages.

This highly efficient method of cogenerating power and heat, harnesses potential wasted heat. We can bring you constant heat derived from our next generation gas generators – and the benefits don’t stop there.

Cogeneration provides you with your heat and power needs from one source – lowering your emissions by up to 30%. This method is supported by the government, who have introduced a levy that charges non-domestic buildings for the amount of energy they take from the grid.

The exception to this tax? CHP.

Access the benefits of cogeneration now, while you wait for capex

With CHP or cogeneration, you can save approximately 20% on your regular bills, when compared to taking power from the grid and a boiler for onsite heating.

Perhaps you’ve considered purchasing this equipment for your business? The capital expenditure involved in doing so would mean you would have to wait years to see a return on your significant spending. We can offer you a much easier alternative. We can get your plans underway straight away while you wait for capex, working with your preferred supplier or energy consultant on a bridging gap solution. Allowing you to reap the benefits of CHP immediately. Try our hire vs buy calculator to give you an idea of how much hiring a cogeneration system could save you.

Years of experience in providing critical power, heating, cooling and energy services has allowed us a unique insight into what matters most to our customers – and we have listened. That means we provide the flexibility for you to decide how much you need and for how long. You have a seasonal demand? We provide the tailor-made solution that covers you for every eventuality.

The bottom line of any industry is cost, and with our CHP, we take care of the essentials and provide a cost-effective, all-encompassing solution that leaves you free to work on your core business.