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Transparency, accountability, and ambitious sustainability goals

At Aggreko, our purpose is to power progress by delivering energy anywhere.

As the world grows more concerned with how its energy is produced, we are leading our customers to adopt better energy solutions, incorporating sustainable products and technology to meet their energy needs.

In part, we are helping our customers hit their sustainability goals with cleaner technology. But we are also reducing our own footprint, enriching our people and the communities we serve as well as being accountable and transparent about the progress we are making.


Our sustainability framework

Our sustainability framework is built around four key pillars, setting out the sustainability commitments that we have made and which are all embedded in our business strategy and every decision we make.

While these pillars form the foundation of our sustainability framework, we know the foundations alone will not deliver meaningful progress. That is why we have clear sustainability goals for each pillar with specific actions we are taking to achieve those goals. We have also defined performance indicators that enable us to measure our impact and track our progress.


Our commitment to net-zero

In 2020, we announced our energy transition strategy. This included commitments that align Aggreko with the Paris Agreement limiting global warming to 1.5°C. 

Our energy transition strategy sets out ambitious 2030 goals to:

  • Reduce diesel fuel used in our customer solutions by at least 50%
  • Reduce local air quality emissions from all customer solutions by 50%
  • Achieve net zero in our Scope 1 and 2 emissions across our own business operations 

We have also set ourselves a longer-term goal for all activities and services we provide to our customers to be net zero by 2050. These goals sit under two of our sustainability framework pillars: Creating better and cleaner flexible energy solutions and reducing our own footprint.

Led by our materiality assessment

In 2020, we carried out our first materiality assessment – a way to understand what matters most to our stakeholders, including our people and our customers.

The assessment reaffirmed the importance of our net-zero goals, but also helped us understand other sustainability priorities. 

As well as focusing on the areas our people and customers identified as most important, we also captured key areas of risk and emerging focus areas for Aggreko.

  1. Air quality and emissions
  2. Investment in cleaner technology
  3. Energy consumption
  4. Global climate commitment
  5. Health, safety and security
  6. Employee training and education
  7. Inclusion and diversity
  8. Cyber security
  9. Anti-bribery and corruption
  10. Corporate governance


Material assessment chart

 As a result of the materiality assessment, we reviewed all the good practices that are already at the heart of everything that we do and combined it with our strategic goals to create our sustainability framework.


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