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Why using off grid energy solutions for data centers improves your bottom line

Off-grid energy solutions: Bridging the data center power gap

Why using off-grid energy solutions for data centers improves your bottom line

Data centers have never been more important.

So much of what we do every day relies on large volumes of data being stored and processed. Data centers have become a vital part of the modern economy, enabling companies to power their IT operations in the most efficient way.

With demand for data centers growing so rapidly, new facilities are regularly built and existing ones are upgraded. But large amounts of power are needed to run these sites, and they can’t usually be connected to the grid immediately. As well as the physical connection, the local provider must ensure there is enough grid power available. This leads to lengthy delays in starting operations when the facility itself has been constructed and is ready to go.

Off-grid energy solutions are ideal for bridging this gap and getting a return on your data center investment as soon as possible. In this article, we’ll discuss why using off-grid power during the early phases of your data center project increases efficiency and improves your bottom line.

The problem

Data centers are an economical way for businesses to run their operations, but they use vast amounts of electricity. In fact, the biggest hyperscale data centers have similar power requirements to a small city.

So when a new one is built, it can’t simply be plugged into the existing grid. Provision needs to be made to ensure there is enough power available without affecting existing users. This often leads to delays of days or even weeks after installation, where a data center is left unused despite having all the equipment ready.

Similarly, when a data center scales up, it can be difficult and time-consuming to arrange for extra grid power when it’s already running at maximum.

To account for this, extra cost and time are built into data center projects. But there is an alternative.

Improving power for data centers with off-grid generators

What if you could eliminate the waiting period for new or additional grid power? As soon as your new or expanded facility is ready, you could flick a switch and all the power you need is there.

That’s the beauty of off-grid solutions. They’re modular and scalable, so you only need to purchase what you need when you need it. And they can be quickly deployed so that your data center power supply is ready when you are.

There are a variety of different off-grid energy solutions available but typically they comprise small, temporary generator sets or large fuel cells. These may power data centers directly or instead charge large batteries that then provide power for a prolonged period of time.

Different solutions use different fuel sources so if sustainability is important to you then you should look for one that includes low-emissions technology or renewable energy.

Find the right partner, and you can secure off-grid energy solutions that are a reliable, scalable, sustainable, and cost-effective way to improve data center performance.

Data center power supply emergencies: insulating against energy variability

Off-grid energy solutions aren’t only used as bridging power until a grid connection is available. They can also be used to protect data centers against grid outages and energy variability.

After all, continuous, reliable power is crucial for a successful operation, so an off-grid generator can be used as a backup to ensure there is no downtime during emergencies or peak periods. This is of particular benefit to hyperscale data centers as even the smallest outages can cost millions of dollars.

Have you been hit by a sudden rise in energy prices from the grid? An off-grid generator can help here too. By providing power at a fixed rate, you can choose to take some or all of your power needs away from the grid until prices normalize again – another advantage of having an energy solution that can be easily and quickly scaled up and down according to your needs.

The future of off-grid energy solutions for data centers

Data centers are typically constructed in or near densely populated cities, but this is starting to change. Modern technology means rural data centers are now feasible and can be much more cost-effective. These areas typically have less reliable or no grid connection at all, so off-grid energy solutions are key to making them viable.

Companies such as Apple and Facebook, often at the forefront of market changes, are leading the way in off-grid data center construction. They are also using renewable energy wherever they can to reduce their carbon footprint while their data centers continue to grow.

Where these companies lead, others will surely follow, and we should soon see more off-grid data centers with decentralized, renewable power.

How Aggreko can help

Aggreko has extensive experience in delivering off-grid energy solutions for data centers. Partner with Aggreko and our experts will assess your requirements and design a solution that fits your business.

Whichever stage of the data center lifecycle you are at, we can help. Whether it’s construction and commissioning, operations, maintenance, and upgrades, or emergencies and contingency planning we can provide all the power you need, wherever and whenever you need it.

With our continuous investment in the latest technology, we have a wide range of off-grid energy solutions, including temporary energy production, longer-term storage, backup generators, and hybrid power including renewables.

24/7 monitoring and support ensure that your operations will always run smoothly and any potential power issues will be spotted and resolved before they cause an outage.

Final thoughts

In an increasingly competitive market, data center operators are looking for any opportunity to save costs and improve profits. Getting data centers powered and fully operational without having to wait for a grid connection can have a significant impact on the bottom line.

By employing an effective, reliable, and sustainable off-grid energy solution, data centers can also improve their long-term resilience and efficiency.

Get in touch with Aggreko today and we’ll show you how our off-grid energy solutions can be tailored to your specific requirements. We’ll save you time and money, decrease your CAPEX, and help you make your data center the best on the market.

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