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Client Gianni Benvenuto Spa

Location Bologna, Italy

Sectors Data centres

The Challenge

Testing, testing, can you heat me?

What’s the most important part of a data centre? The electrical and electronic components of its racks.

These racks produce a lot of heat. So, before a data centre goes live, it’s vital that its cooling system is robustly tested.

But that’s not the only environmental check that needs to be carried out at the commissioning stage.

Air returning to the cooling units can reach high temperatures. Again, that’s because of heat generated by the data centre’s electrical and electronic components.

So, it’s important to test how reliable the data centre’s air conditioning system is.

But how do you create the right environment to test these systems? That’s where we came in.

Project fact file

4000 kWf

Cooling capacity

90 Degrees Centigrade

Max water temperature

172 m3/h

Water flow rate

The solution

Loadbank testing simulates heat generation

To simulate the heat generated by the data centre’s rack cabinets, we connected and programmed four of our 600 kW temporary loadbanks.

Using a remote controller to increase and decrease the required load and air-flow rate, we ran a series of tests.

We divided the system into two areas.

Using two 300 kW loadbanks, we powered area 1 with a 1,250 kVA generator, together with electrical distribution and our fuel management system.

Using two 500 kW loadbanks, we powered area 2 with an 800 kVA generator and a 1,000 kVA generator, electrical distribution and our fuel management system.

Next, we used two 2 MW diesel boilers to simulate the heat generated by the rack cabinets of the High Performance Computing Facility (HPFC).

We connected the boilers to the power plant circuits, with one boiler for each half of the central unit.

We used a single 125 kVA generator, electrical distribution and our fuel management service to power the boilers, which we connected to the exchanger’s secondary circuit.

Each boiler produced water at 45°C and had a main circulation pump; an anti-condensation pump; and insulated flexible pipes.

The Aggreko Difference

We turn up the heat so you can keep your cool

The impact

Effective testing, effective cooling system

With our data centre commissioning hire equipment, we provided our customer with the testing and technical support it needed to carry out its commissioning to international standards.

That meant the data centre stayed on track for its projected completion.

"We were very satisfied by the prompt reply of Aggreko."


Francesco Rucco Project Manager ,
Gianni Benvenuto SPA

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