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Client Food and beverage manufacturer

Location USA

Sectors Food and beverage

The challenge

Quickly install emergency cooling

An international food and beverage manufacturer had a very unappetising problem. Its rooftop cooling towers – vital to the safe running of the facility – had failed in extreme winter conditions. Without them, the facility faced shutdown. 

Yet shutdown wasn’t an option. Not only did 300 employees need their jobs, but the manufacturer couldn’t risk losing valuable vendor shelf space from a temporary break in supply. They needed an immediate fix – so they turned to us for help.

Project fact file


People facing unemployment

9 days

Speed of installation

3 months

100 per cent cooling operation

The solution

A comprehensive cooling and power system

Aggreko Process Services (APS) took a good, fast look at the situation. Nine days following the first phone call, we had installed 12 heat exchangers, six cooling towers, three generators running parallel (one on standby) and associated pumps and piping. 

Given that the manufacturer initially rang to rent a cooling tower, they were very pleased to discover we provided all the other gear, too. Not to mention round-the-clock on-site support and maintenance. 

the aggreko difference

We are a tower of strength when you need us most. 

The impact

Crisis averted and back to business in nine days

The manufacturer had the entire plant up and running again within nine days. This was a huge win for the 300 employees on the brink of joblessness. Given that every day down meant a substantial loss of revenue, it was a huge win for the company, too. 

As well as solving the immediate crisis, we made sure that our cooling could be dialled up as the weather got warmer. In the end, our cooling enabled 100 per cent facility production for three months while the manufacturer acquired and installed its own cooling towers. 

“This was a major cooling emergency, with ramifications for people and profits. We responded fast to fix it.”

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