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Providing the power for a moving experience

Client: AGL Loy Yang

Location: Victoria, Australia

Sectors: Mining

The Challenge

Moving a stacker across a power station and mining site in an Australian first

AGL planned to relocate Loy Yang's travelling stacker, also known as the TS4, from its external overburden site into the base of the coal mine. But with no power of its own, getting it there would require some engineering and planning feats.

Project Fact File

Distance to travel 22km
Loadbanks 2
Duration of move 30days
Stacker on the move

The Solution

Generators on board with backup on site

We installed two 800 kVA generators on board (as well as an additional 800 kVA on standby) and fitted them with fire suppression and detection systems. We also supplied two loadbanks to sink excess power from the generators when the machine was travelling downhill.


Aggreko offered a unique technology with a unique team at our disposal

AGL Loy Yang

The Impact

An Australian mining first, executed flawlessly

We took care of the whole project, including supplying standby power and round the clock refuelling and support. Loadbanks helped the machine move safely downhill, and our refuelling procedure mitigated any risk of spillage.


load bank
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