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Quick cooling delivery enables innovative mining project to hit targets

Client: PBE Ensham Operations

Location: Queensland, Australia

Sectors: Mining

The Challenge

Provide rapid cooling so deadline can be met and project can commence

PBE Ensham Operations pride themselves on being at the forefront of underground mining technology, using remote equipment to ensure mine production is delivered reliably and most importantly – safely.

At a mine site in Queensland, they were busy working on implementing their technology which extracts coal from the seam remotely and conveys the coal to a stockpile outside of the coalface.

What was needed? Speedy, reliable cooling for the mining system. A solution that provided the precise temperature for the equipment to work without delay.

Fact File Heading

Time to deploy after first call 72 Hours
Chiller 1x
Heat exchanger 1x
Power provided with fuel tank 500kVA
Comprehensive cooling solution 1x

The Solution

A subtle blend of modular equipment and extensive sector experience

If deadlines are pressing and you need a partner with ample experience in dealing with the intricate demands only a mining site can present – there aren’t many choices.

Luckily, Aggreko could lean on their decades worth of projects in mining in Australia and around the world. We worked with PBE Ensham Operations to gauge the demands that their new machinery had and by using that data – we could come up with a plan of action.

That plan involved both comprehensive cooling – provided by a combination of a
heat exchanger, chiller, power generation and assorted ancillaries – and the ability to deploy rapidly.

Our modular equipment is perfectly placed to ensure that no matter what time constraints are in place – we can deliver a solution that solves the problem.

Precise cooling assisting you to achieve your targets



The Impact

Final commissioning achieved and operations commenced

Within just 72 hours, our cooling was on site and providing the cutting-edge machinery the environment needed to meet final commissioning.

The impact of this allowed PBE Ensham Operations to deliver to their clients and operations could begin.

Our rapid engagement to solve our customers’ temperature control predicament was the response that pushed this project to completion.