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The challenge

Provide load testing for world’s largest crane vessel

The world’s largest crane vessel, Sleipnir, is 220 metres long, can lift 20,000 metric tonnes and has enough room on board to accommodate 400 crew.

This record-breaking vessel needs vast amounts of power to operate, and twelve 8 MW generators are responsible for firing the ship and its many working parts – but these generators have to be stress-tested before the ship can lift anchor and leave dock.

The sheer scale of this ship demanded a partner who had the scope to help in a big way, and mobilise quickly.


Project fact file

100 %

Full power of generators was tested

36 MVA

Total capacity of loadbanks

96 MW

Total power of crane barge generators

The solution

Two-part stress-testing for 8 generators on board

Success is all in the preparation. With a total of 12 generators to push to the limit, our engineers and equipment were mobilised rapidly.

The first 12 MVA tested the generators on an individual basis. When this was complete and all permutations were reached and analysed, a further 24 MVA of load testing capacity was installed. This would examine the levels of synchronisation that up to three generators were capable of.


Load testing the worlds largest crane vessel

We help you navigate through choppy waters

The impact

Record-breaking vessel will be in ship-shape and ready to face the waves

Every conceivable stress test will have been recreated to make sure that Sleipnir is well-equipped for anything.

Our experts and our equipment were on hand quickly so the ship remains on course for our customer.


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