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Industrial backup generators

Industrial & commercial backup generator rentals

Specialists in backup generators for businesses

Large-scale standby generator rentals for your industrial & commercial needs

From commercial to construction, industrial plants to offshore rigs, power outages cost time and money. Whether you’re embarking on planned maintenance, dealing with an emergency, or just meeting unexpected demand, trust Aggreko to help with backup power solutions, anywhere in the world.

Our industrial and commercial backup generator rentals range from 35 kW generators to containerized 2 MW units. Whatever the scale of your need for temporary power, our standby generators will get you back to business at short notice. We can provide whatever you need, whether that’s a compact natural gas backup generator or powerful diesel generator.

Industrial diesel and natural gas standby generators available for rent

Backup power solutions, tailored to your industry

What makes Aggreko backup power solutions different is our in-depth knowledge of your industry, your challenges, and how you do business. Our decades of experience mean you get a team that knows what you need–and how to deliver it, quickly and effectively.

Around the world, we work with businesses of every shape and size - from data centers and oil and gas to municipal governments and industrial mining.

What every project has in common is our uniquely customer-centric approach. Whether you need a diesel backup generator or standby generator for when your primary power is offline, we’ll deliver the backup power solution you need, when you need it, in a way that makes sense for your business.

Our rental industrial backup generator services cover anything from planned maintenance to urgent power requirements

Working with us, you’ll get a proactive partner for everything you need. We’re there to respond in a crisis and keep your operations moving with backup generators. But we’re also there to help you plan for the future with standby generators to deliver redundant power before you need it.

It’s a blend of responsive and proactive service, designed to keep you up-and-running whatever happens.

FAQs about backup generators

What size backup generator do I need?

The right backup generator depends on your environment and applications – but we’ll help you get the precise power you need with:

  • Rental standby generators and backup generators of all sizes and power ratings
  • Modular backup generators for unbeatable scalability
  • A fast, local presence and global reach
  • All available 24/7/365

What do backup generators run on?

Generators run on a variety of fuel types. With Aggreko, you can get everything you need from one partner, including:

  • Generators
  • Rental fuel tanks
  • Rental power accessories

How much does a commercial backup generator cost?

At Aggreko, we’ll help you control costs by finding the ideal match for your needs:

  • Emergency generators from 35 kW to 1,500 kW
  • Containerized backup generators from 500 kW to 2 MW
  • Flexible terms for as long as you need

Do standby generators run on gas or oil?

Standby generators can run on a variety of fuels – the right one for you will depend on your environment, applications, and power requirements. Our expert team can recommend the most appropriate fuel source for your business – and your budget – whether that’s natural gas, diesel, or a combination of multiple fuels.

How do backup generators work?

Backup generators turn fuel into power, working alongside or in place of your primary power sources. What makes standby generators effective is that they can be configured to step in whenever primary power goes down – whether that’s due to an unexpected fault or planned downtime. As a result, you’re never without the energy you need.

How long do standby generators last?

The operating life of a standby generator installation is several decades if properly maintained. But, day-to-day, the length of time they can remain operational is limited only by fuel. With Aggreko, get a team to manage and monitor your standby generator, helping you stay prepared for every eventuality.

What are the different types of emergency backup generators?

The most common approach to emergency power is to use a backup generator similar to your primary power source. This could be a diesel generator or a natural gas generator for improved emissions and lower noise. Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are another effective way to store the excess energy you produce normally, ready to step into action if your primary utilities fail.

“Emergencies is what we do. We’ll help you make sense of your needs and address them, quickly and efficiently, anywhere in the world.”

Fast delivery is just the beginning

In critical scenarios, losing backup power could devastate your operations. That’s why we don’t just deliver and install backup and standby generators – we safeguard their performance for as long as you need.

Our 24/7 remote monitoring guarantees reliable, continuous service – and a backup generator you can count on to keep you working every day.

A track record of high-performing backup generators

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