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60 kVA battery storage

Save on emissions and costs with 60 kVA battery energy storage in a modular, easy-to-commission package. With charging completed in as little as three hours, our solution helps unlock a more flexible approach to power, reducing your reliance on generators and getting more from renewable fuel sources with variable loads.

As a result, you can take a step towards sustainability, meeting emissions regulations and demonstrating your commitment to decarbonization—all with no need for CAPEX and flexible contract terms designed around your needs.

Intelligent battery storage

Our 60 kVA battery storage is available in a ready-to-install energy system with everything included. As well as batteries, inverters, fire protection, and HVAC, every system comes with onboard monitoring and management. We make it easy to put data at the heart of how you manage your power, with clear visibility into consumption and performance. And our expert team is always on hand to help you optimize your storage for stability and reliability.

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Voltage 120 V 1 Phase Voltage Nominal 208 V 3 Phase Voltage Nominal
Gross Weight (kg) 5950 lbs (2700 kg)
Net Weight (kg) 5950 lbs (2700 kg)
Height (m) 81 in (2065 mm)
Length (m) 88.5 in (2250 mm)
Width (m) 51 in (1300 mm)

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