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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy - Commissioning, Grid Emulation and more

Commissioning, Grid Emulation and more 


Powering your path to renewable energy

Commissioning utility-scale and distributed renewable energy projects is a complex process. Timelines and budgeting are critical. Engineering, deployment and integration must be executed without fault.

And the risk of grid connection delays is high. Overstressed T&D assets, weather-related events, supply chain disruptions, local system upgrades and remote site access each contribute to — and compound — your risk of delay.

Aggreko shares your goal of building a cleaner, more resilient renewable power grid. That's why we integrate technological advancements like automatic load control systems with alternative fuels and expert engineering solutions. 

Our range of energy transition services enable you to set the pace for the grid’s evolution — and meet your deadlines. They bring renewable energy projects online faster, more efficiently, with a reduced carbon footprint. And support your efforts towards a cleaner energy future.

Our renewable energy solutions:

  • Modular temporary energy systems for commissioning wind, solar and battery projects
  • Grid emulation, including generators, load banks and control software
  • A-Z project engineering and project management
  • Real-time fluctuation testing for system components
  • Custom-engineered temporary substation and distribution equipment
  • Cost-saving fuel efficiency programs

Aggreko takes charge of all aspects of the renewable energy project commissioning process. Meet commitment dates, achieve key milestones and ensure eligibility for financial incentives. So you can mitigate financial, reputation and construction risks — and gain peace of mind.

  • Optimize commissioning strategy for reduced risk
  • Accelerate project timelines
  • Minimize fuel consumption and carbon footprint
  • Decrease O&M, labor, and monitoring costs


Delivering renewables projects on time

Developers, contractors and manufacturers on over 250 sites worldwide have accelerated commissioning timelines with Aggreko's grid emulation services. We provide:

  • Support for solar, wind and battery applications
  • Tailored, scalable designs
  • Generators designed to communicate with load banks
  • Automatic load control
  • 24/7 real-time remote monitoring with advanced diagnostics
  • Hybrid battery solutions

Your partner in the energy transition

Get collaborative, customized and turnkey solutions for your renewable energy needs. Decarbonize and meet regulatory targets with our clean energy technology installation and management.

Aggreko's experience, expertise and assets can help you power a cleaner future. You're bringing a new era of renewable power online. We're here with you every step of the way.


"We like to inform you that Roadrunner is in testing operation with all 82PCUs and we got the full capacity in operation in less than 8 hours after ERCOT allowed us to.

I received great feedback about the high level of cooperation and professionalism expressed by your site team. I personally have to thank Aggreko for the great support in managing and implementing this effort that was decided in the middle of September in an emergency mode. The fast reaction, quick decision, and effective operation made it happen."

Simone Oldrati Senior Project Manager - PMP
E&C/Project Management ,
Enel Green Power North America, Inc.

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