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Grid Hardening? Why You Need a Power Engineering Partner

Grid Hardening, Why You Need a Power Engineering Partner

Grid hardening is a combined system of actions that creates a solid infrastructure to protect utility customers from weather-related outages. From physical structures to communications to adequate documentation, grid hardening entails an end-to-end approach that better protects infrastructure and improves levels of service in the event of extreme weather.

There is no “one size fits all” solution for grid hardening. It must be customized based on each utility’s specific systems, budgets, and storm risks. Utilities must carefully consider a mix of hardening and resiliency measures that address specific weather events and potential vulnerabilities to successfully create a grid hardening approach.

Typically, there are three major categories of this approach:

  • Prioritize and target options to reduce the impact
  • Harden the components of the system to withstand impact
  • Implement innovative response measures

Within this effort, utility companies should consider the weather models of the area to understand how and when distinct types of weather might impact their system. By doing so, utility leaders and managers can identify system needs and prioritize the grid hardening to meet those needs.

Having a Power Engineering Partnering experience in all grid hardening approaches can help utilities focus on the best path forward. Aggreko understands that utilities seek to become more resilient to support infrastructure, and systems continue to operate despite the damage. Our experience with new technologies and approaches to grid hardening helps utilities determine, prioritize, and implement effective grid hardening measures while taking advantage of customized tools and advanced technologies.

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