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Power and temperature control for nuclear plants


Experts in nuclear power and cooling systems augmentation

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Finding a qualified power and cooling systems augmentation partner capable of supporting planned nuclear plant shutdowns is critical to the success and safety of your maintenance operations.

Whether you need support for outage control center (OCC) projects or seek help addressing limiting condition for operation (LCO) commitments, Aggreko is uniquely qualified to ensure mission-critical project execution.

Time is of the essence when performing maintenance projects during refueling outages. Each day an outage exceeds its estimated timeline reduces plant uptime, adds to the cost of maintenance activities, and often requires the plant to purchase electricity from an outside source.

From day-to-day operation to inspection and control activities, precise and detailed preparations are imperative to effectively manage the duration and cost of an outage. To stay on schedule and maximize safety, every aspect must be meticulously planned and coordinated.

Aggreko works within your precise OCC project time frames to ensure maintenance activities are completed as scheduled. We employ nuclear industry experts who have both the experience and accreditation to contribute systems that meet your maintenance objectives, including:

  • Reducing outage timelines
  • Deploying alternate power and cooling systems
  • Tending to LCO commitments
  • Solving single-point vulnerabilities
  • Safely increasing worker stay-time through heat mitigation

Repairing and replacing key pumps and valves are among the most common maintenance activities during nuclear plant shutdowns. Some of these components represent a single point of vulnerability and pose a threat to plant reliability and personnel safety. Even non-critical component failure can result in unacceptable risks, including the possibility of radiological hazard. Aggreko partners with your OCC team to ensure that single-point vulnerabilities are mitigated and non-critical maintenance activities are handled with the proper protocols.

Aggreko’s technicians and engineering teams are certified to serve our nuclear plant customers. We work closely with your OCC managers to address your specific project requirements, and then we perform the entire project turnkey — from the custom design of alternate cooling and power systems to implementation and project management throughout the duration of the outage.

Preserving plant and personnel safety

Ensuring worker and public safety in the nuclear power industry is paramount in any outage-related activities. Aggreko understands the importance of developing heat mitigation techniques and workspace cooling solutions to increase worker “stay-time” parameters, while always maintaining safe working conditions.

If you’re looking to partner with a nuclear-accredited firm to provide turnkey power and cooling solutions for your plant shutdown projects, look no further than the nuclear experts at Aggreko. Our engineering teams are committed to limiting outage days and keeping workers safe.

The following represents an example of equipment comprising a cooling system augmentation:

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