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Microgrid solutions from the experts in energy


One of the world’s most experienced microgrid companies

On any scale, anywhere in the world, Aggreko can create a turnkey microgrid solution to increase your resilience and help you manage critical loads.

From solar microgrids to hybrid energy in remote locations, we’ve got the capacity, global reach, and expertise you need. We already understand every kind of challenge and every environment, from project construction sites to powering remote frac sand mines.

And we’ll work with you to design and deliver a microgrid that keeps you up and running, whether you need always-available backup power or you’re planning for future demand.

What is a microgrid solution?

A microgrid solution is detached from the main electricity grid – either full-time or during planned and unplanned outages. As a result, it can work to provide power when primary systems go down, during high peak load periods when there isn’t enough grid power to meet demand or if utility grid power isn't within reach.

A microgrid is made up of:

  • A power source/generator (which could be fossil fuels, renewables, or battery storage)
  • A means of distribution
  • A control platform to manage generation and keep the system stable

Together, these make up a self-contained system, which can connect and disconnect from the grid as necessary. This means you can operate your microgrid in either grid-connected mode or island mode.

What are the key microgrid benefits?

At Aggreko, we’re trusted to deliver microgrids on every scale, to suit a wide range of customers and challenges. From helping communities be energy independent to providing sustainable, efficient solar microgrids, we’ve done it all.

And, because it’s Aggreko, you get the blend of proven expertise, technical capability, and quality across our entire fleet of equipment.

Increase resilience

Add extra capacity for high demand or redundant backup power with:

  • A microgrid solution designed around your environment
  • Protective devices coordinated with existing P&C infrastructure
  • Options to tie in at the highline, substation, transmission, distribution, or underground system

Maintain your standards

We’ll protect and control your microgrid solution with:

  • A vast range of power sources, including renewables and dual-fuel generators
  • Customized microgrids to suit your project
  • 24/7 remote monitoring

Use our microgrid expertise

We’ll work with you to proactively address key challenges like:

  • Imbalanced loads
  • Poor power factor
  • Competing generation

“Our microgrids are all built with our best-in-class equipment, but tailored to what our customers need – and the unique challenges they’re facing.”

Learn more about our solutions for the O&G industry

Delivering new agility with microgrid energy

Microgrids aren’t just a way to cover outages and plan for demand. They can also be an effective way to reduce costs or connect local resources that are too small for traditional grid use.
Whether you’re adding capacity long-term or looking to serve remote locations until grid utilities are established, we can help. And with solar microgrid options, you can power locations without compromising on your Energy Transition goals.

Partners to maximize your microgrid benefits

We provide a full range of rental equipment that includes: