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Power and temperature control for upstream onshore

Upstream onshore

The sooner you get power, the sooner you can start production

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Investing in your own power solutions or connecting to the grid can be slow and prohibitively expensive. By partnering with Aggreko, you can access early power without any capital expenditure and we are confident that we can provide competitive cost of power when compared to investment in your own power plant of a grid connection not just for the first few years but for the life of the project.

Aggreko leads the way

Through innovations such as gas treatment, remote monitoring, CHP and emissions control, Aggreko provides fully turn-key, off-balance sheet, power solutions for short, medium and full project duration on a variety of fuels.

Thanks to our expert engineers and extensive fleet, Aggreko delivers bespoke services which nobody else can, such as; Drilling mud cooling for improved drilling timelines, powering drilling rigs with gas or even repurposing flare gas to power your operations.
We also provide:

  • Power for exploratory drilling and associated worker camps
  • Construction and commissioning power, and load testing of main power
  • Power for early production facilities or artificial lifts
  • Power bridge to grid
  • Use of flare gas / APG as fuel for your own power needs or for export to the grid creating additional revenue
  • Powering artificial lift at individual wells through diesel or gas generation or alternatively through more efficient centralized power plants and microgrids
  • Turbine inlet cooling and dense air injection for gas turbines
  • Power for maintenance and turbines
  • Put your trust in Aggreko, and we’ll ensure your project is set up for success from day one.

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