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Power Bridging and Grid Planning Solutions for the Utility Industry

Mitigate service interruption delays and keep your customers operating

We partner with utilities providers to ensure uninterrupted power supply in the event of delays or service initiation issues.

When utility power companies encounter power connection delays or supply interruptions, we proactively provide temporary power solutions to ensure delivery is achieved and maintained. With a range of custom solutions and fuel options, we can help with seasonal shortages, project delays, emergency maintenance, and planned maintenance.

We also provide energy during critical construction, commissioning, and maintenance cycles of your power infrastructure. Our solutions support peak shaving, delivering better grid reliability and helping you manage short-term demand spikes. Wherever supply falls short, we have you covered.

Aggreko’s difference: turnkey solutions based on utility expertise

As a leading utility expert, we can guarantee success whatever your challenge, even if you’re facing utility infrastructure delays–and provide a turnkey solution based on your current energy mix and power grid connectivity issues.

Avoid penalties

associated with service interruptions or failing to deliver power by a deadline.

Provide seamless power

while the root causes of your delays and issues are being addressed.

Get more time

to establish grid power supply in a way that’s safe and sustainable.

Run operations smoothly

with reliable temporary power on hand.

Helping you focus on the infrastructure

With a dedicated engineering team, scalable solutions, and deep customization, we help utility companies improve grid resiliency and capital productivity while improving return on equity, safety and reliability metrics.

Our experts will develop an aligned strategy, learning from your integrated resource plan to make solid recommendations that ensure your goals for the next five, ten, or fifteen-plus years are accomplished. Delivering results in regulated markets doesn’t limit our achievement capabilities–we have local knowledge at our disposal every time.

As well as responsive bridging power for service connection issues, we can help with:

  • Optimized grid balancing to reduce the chances of power supply interruptions
  • Avoiding cost degradation through better fuel efficiencies
  • Integrating renewables into the grid to aid your transition to low-carbon energy sources

All with a unique level of agility which means we can evolve as your project requirements change and respond with fast, flexible solutions whenever you need them.

Utility power bridging solutions

In the event of a service interruption or delay in delivering grid connectivity, we enable utility companies to meet scheduled dates and avoid penalties. Our temporary off-grid power generation solutions are designed to step in seamlessly–count on us to keep you running smoothly, even in the face of service initiation challenges.

  • Diesel generators in sizes from 30 to 2100 kVA, allowing you to access power distribution alternatives on any scale to deal with power infrastructure delays, construction challenges, and power grid connectivity issues.
  • Gas generators and dual-fuel options with lean burn technology, so you can close the gap between grid connectivity and scheduled dates without compromising on nitrogen oxide and particulate matter emissions. All while reducing your fuel costs compared to diesel.
  • Electrical distribution and ancillary equipment including breakers, distribution panels, fuel tanks and everything else you need to provide power.
  • Battery Energy Storage Services (BESS) to store excess power that you generate and reuse it whenever you need to, unlocking new ways to increase your efficiency while grid infrastructure issues are resolved.
  • Loadbanks to support your power system testing and ensure your temporary power bridging solution can withstand full capacity demand from the moment it becomes operational.

Our utility power bridging solutions include:

Supporting Energy Transition in the utility industry

At Aggreko, we support your Energy Transition with a range of initiatives and green energy upgrades. Even during a service connection delay, count on us to provide equipment and expertise that helps you take the next step towards sustainability and meet your environmental goals.

Our energy efficient generators can help you:

Reduce fuel consumption and cost

Reduce harmful emissions (CO2, NOx, PM)

Reduce noise pollution

Ensure reliability and efficiency

Our Tier 4F diesel generators work in the same way as the cleanest car engines, limiting carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter to provide efficient power for use in ultralow emissions zones.

Our hybrid solutions are designed to improve efficiency while reducing fuel consumption and emissions, all without the long-term financial or technological commitment.

Why do utility companies choose Aggreko?

When utility companies need to close the gap between scheduled, contracted dates and delays to grid delivery, we become a proactive solution to deliver temporary power, on any scale, anywhere in the world.

Fast response

Aggreko is known for helping utility customers get power online faster than any other company. Our global reach means we can deliver a ready-to-go power generation project in record time, so you can avoid the penalties of late delivery.

24/7 remote monitoring

With Aggreko’s Remote Monitoring service, we minimize customer minutes of interruption and help you deliver consistent service.

Fuel flexibility

We help utilities providers meet their sustainability goals with diesel, gas, and battery energy storage options.

Equipment you can count on

Our emphasis on quality and consistency means you can leave bridging power to us while you focus on resolving the wider issues and delays.

A data-driven transition

Service delays shouldn’t mean sacrificing efficiency or your greener goals–we integrate energy control with overall process through data analytics, machine interfacing and live monitoring to minimize the environmental impact of using bridging power.

Endless scalability

Our dedicated engineering team of utility experts will work with you to design custom solutions on a project-by-project basis, on any scale–so you can keep your customers connected and satisfied.

Success stories and resources in North America

FAQs about Aggreko’s grid resilience solutions

What causes power service disruptions and delays?

Utility power companies often face delays as a result of supply chain issues. When your complex grid infrastructure depends on multiple external partners, it’s easy for one small issue to ripple out across your entire project–and make your scheduled delivery impossible. Common causes of delays include power line installation delays, the need for unexpected power system upgrades, and unanticipated demand. Aggreko can help solve all these problems with utility power and transmission line alternatives wherever you need them.

What makes Aggreko’s service interruption solutions different?

At Aggreko, we evaluate your current energy mix and planned grid strategy to deliver a turnkey solution. With no ‘one size fits all’ approach, we put your requirements first: from anticipated demand and schedules to maintaining a dominant baseload position and controlling the levelized cost of energy.