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Heat Exchanger Rentals


Specialized Rental Heat Exchangers from Aggreko

Heating and cooling streams in a process plant is a basic and essential process operation. For this reason, process plants contain potentially hundreds of heat exchangers. For example, a typical refinery has anywhere from 200 on the low end to almost 350 for a large, complex refinery. Other process plants may not have quite as many exchangers, but the number is still quite significant. With Aggreko, you don't just get an equipment, you get the support of a team of specialized engineers capable of developing the solution that best meets your plant's needs.


  • Large fleet of standard, Shell & Tube, Shell & Plate and Fin/Fan exchangers
  • Experienced group of process engineers properly designs and ‘sizes’ the application
  • Certified cleaning procedures completed by 3rd party vendor
  • Exchangers pressure tested after each use
  • Exchangers cover a wide range of applications across many industries, including petrochemical, refinery and food production
  • Fast delivery and implementation

Exchangers can experience a whole host of problems that can force a plant to reduce plant/unit rates, shut down entirely, exceed permitted environmental limits with the prospect of significant fines, or miss out on potential profit opportunities.

Exchangers can foul (degrade), leak, experience corrosion problems. These problems can be sudden or develop slowly over time.

In addition, summertime temperatures introduce another set of issues since cooling water temperatures rise and fin/fans become less effective.

With Aggreko's specialized rental heat exchangers, you will never need to stop your processes or reduce your profits.


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Industrial Heat Exchangers Available for Your Specific Processes

At Aggreko we know perfectly well that each industry has specific needs, therefore, we have specialized equipment, capable of responding to the most complex challenges, within the standards that each industry demands — from food production to oil refining, we have you covered.


Safe and efficient food-grade heat exchangers for the food production

Food and beverage producers compete in a super dynamic environment with high standards of cleanliness and often need assistance in heating or cooling foods directly. Aggreko offers a variety of food & dairy heat exchangers that allow for more flexibility, efficiency, and safety in your production processes.




Heat exchangers rental for the petroleum refinery industry

Aggreko can quickly provide contaminant-free, refinery-grade exchangers to mitigate the consequences of an exchanger failure, for turnarounds or for debottlenecking purposes, ensuring process optimization resulting in huge OPEX reductions, all this from the hand of specialized engineers in the industry.





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