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On-site Cooling Solutions for Oil and Gas Pipelines

We partner with midstream companies to control oil temperatures in short- and long-term scenarios, keeping the site safe and optimally performing.

Our cooling solutions are designed to address high ambient conditions and increased flow rates. We help you control temperatures while maintaining productivity and protecting pipelines.

With a unique capacity to adapt to your project’s conditions, we deliver custom chillers and heat exchangers to:

  • Eliminate downtime from excess temperatures
  • Enable the safe transport of oil and gas
  • Protect your equipment, tankers and pipelines

All delivered in a safe, scalable, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible way.

"When high gasoline temperatures began to threaten our ability to dispense fuel, overwhelming a vapor recovery unit, we immediately contacted Aggreko. Their local office responded over a weekend and on Monday, we had a designed system ready for approval."

Terminal Manager

Aggreko’s difference: Your partner for business continuity and production excellence

We provide reliable and efficient cooling solutions for oil and gas by adapting our technology to your space, temperatures, and grid connectivity.

Increase revenue

With our efficient oil pipeline cooling systems and right-sized solutions.

Work safer

By reducing temperatures in your central gathering facility, tanks, pipeline and tankers.

Achieve Net Zero

With our sustainable solutions and unmatched fuel efficiency.


Minimize downtime

And keep your oil or gas moving without delay.

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Pipeline heat management solutions

Rising summer temperatures can lead to oil becoming heated as it sits in a gathering tank in the sun. This heated oil can damage pipelines, causing seals to expand and leaks to start. However, high temperatures can also lead to ground movement and, in turn, extra stress on your pipelines.

The combination of these factors could force terminals to reduce or cease dispensing fuel, leading to a lost profit opportunity and the risk of losing long-term customers.

Three pipelines

At Aggreko, we understand that these situations are extremely time-sensitive matters, and that speed of response is critical. We design, install, and operate our fuel cooling systems, allowing the site to continue dispensing fuel as well as avoiding potential losses.



Our safe, quick, reliable, and effective solutions include:

  • Air-cooled and water-cooled chillers ranging from 10 to 1000 tons, ramping up your cooling capacity during summer months so you can rapidly cool oil and gas before it hits your pipelines, tanks or trucks
  • Cooling towers to remove heat at rates of up to 1,000 million BTU/hr, enabling large-scale cooling even as seasonal temperatures rise or pipeline throughput increases
  • Heat exchangers to help you optimize operations by removing heat from processes and displacing it elsewhere. We provide a large fleet of heat exchangers including standard, shell & tube, shell & plate and fin/fan exchangers.
  • Power generation & electrical distribution to support your seasonal cooling equipment, including diesel and gas generators built to support your ESG obligations and Tier 4 Final standards

Our cooling solutions for oil and gas include:

Aggreko’s Greener Approach

At Aggreko, we’re committed to offering the latest technology and expert services to support our customers in their transition to a greener future. We help oil and gas companies drive their environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy, leading to improvement in efficiency and reputation.

With right-sized oil and gas cooling solutions, backed by efficient power generation, you can:

Reduce fuel consumption and cost

Reduce harmful emissions (CO2, NOx, PM)

Reduce noise pollution

Ensure reliability and efficiency

Why do oil and gas companies choose Aggreko?

From small independents to large operators and oil-field service companies, the oil and gas industry trusts Aggreko to help projects come to life with the most efficient mix of power, effective cooling, and process enhancement.

Fast response

Our network of engineers is ready to size and deliver the cooling you need, whenever and wherever in the world you need it.

24/7 remote monitoring

With Aggreko’s Remote Monitoring service, we’re always here to make sure your cooling solution is working at its best.


More flexibility

Our modular solutions make it easy to add supplemental cooling during summer heatwaves, without spending your CAPEX on a solution you don’t use all year.

Complete O&G solutions

We’re a single partner for everything you need–from on-demand cooling to the power generation you need to support it.

Read about our success stories in North America

Enable production of 250,000 barrels of oil per day with a customized heat exchanger solution

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Keeping living quarters cool with temporary chillers


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Oil rig, snow winter, oil pump

Heating for a remote location

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Stock Image- Onshore drilling rig

Aggreko mud cooling solution - avoiding downtime through overheating

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Two oil and gas workers with large fuel pipelines.

FAQs about Aggreko’s temporary industrial oil cooling equipment rental

What are the risks of high oil temperatures?

When oil temperatures rise with insufficient cooling, the entire industry grinds to a halt. Pipelines become unusable and trucks refuse to take hot material. Aggreko’s mobile cooling solutions for oil pipelines enable you to control temperatures more effectively, so you can stay operational whatever the weather throws at you.

Optimize your oil and gas production with Aggreko’s custom engineering solutions