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Trailer-mounted 1,300 kW industrial power generator

1,300 kW Rapid Deploy industrial trailer-mounted generator

A mobile power generator to deal with any industrial demands

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A large generator that’s built to go anywhere

Size and capacity don’t have to weigh you down. The 1300 Rapid Deploy trailer-mounted generator is an all-in-one mobile power station that’s easy to move to wherever it’s required

With a natural gas generator, switchgear, and transformer mounted onto a single trailer, this commercial and industrial generator is easy to roll in, start using, and move if your requirements change. All with no need for a high-line or complex installation process.

And, because it’s Aggreko, you’ll get the ultimate in flexibility and service. Run multiple mounted power generators in parallel, get an emergency generator at speed, or secure a comprehensive package for intensive activities like fracking. Whatever you need, we’ll make it simple.

Flexible industrial generator rental for both long-term mobile power supply and emergency power generation

Working with Aggreko is getting a team that already knows your industry, your applications, and the kind of challenges you face. Whether you need power that can be moved across your site or a backup generator in an emergency, we’ll deliver:

  • A trailer-mounted 1,300kW generator
  • 15kV, 5kV, and 480V options
  • Endless scalability with the option to parallel multiple generators
  • Gas generator and diesel generator options
  • Fast installation

All 1300 Rapid Deploy generators come with oil or gas options to get an uninterrupted workflow

As you continue your Energy Transition, there are times when diesel generators are best but also times when the reduced emissions of natural gas are important.

The 1300 Rapid Deploy is designed to put you in complete control of your industrial generator fuel choices, with multiple options for every unit. And if you're not sure what you need, trust our expert team to guide you through it.

1300 Rapid Deploy Power Generator key data

Cummins QSK60 lean burn engine 1,457kW nominal power Industry-leading emissions Natural gas and diesel generator options
Low noise levels Fast setup and deployment Designed for oil and gas and fracking

Frequently asked questions about the Aggreko 1300 Rapid Deploy mobile power solution

How does a mounted generator work?

Trailer-mounted generators give you a complete mobile power solution on a single skid. The advantage is mobility – just roll your unit into location; no cranes or high lines are necessary. As a result, you can get up and running faster – and, if your needs change over time, your generator can move location and keep up with demand.

Why use low-pressure gas?

Low-pressure gas is typically a more sustainable, responsible choice for your industrial or commercial generators, supporting your Energy Transition goals. At the same time, there’s a very real cost benefit to adopting gas. Compared to diesel, natural gas is available at a significantly reduced cost.

Why rent a trailer-mounted generator?

Renting a trailer-mounted generator gives you the all-in-one power solution you need, without the long-term commitment or capital expense. Mounted generator rental means you don’t give up any of your flexibility – when you don’t need the Aggreko 1300 Rapid Deploy anymore, you’re not locked into a depreciating asset.

How long does the 1,300kW industrial generator last for?

Our flexible generator rental terms mean you can get the 1300 Rapid Deploy for as long as you need it. In terms of operations, this capable containerized generator runs and runs – you’ll only be limited by fuel levels and, in diesel generators, oil changes.

How much does the 1300 Rapid Deploy generator cost?

Once we understand your applications, power requirements, and exactly what you’ll need, we’ll give you a clear, transparent cost so you know what to expect. Generally, controlling costs is easier with our all-in-one trailer-mounted generator rental – you get the power you need, without paying for it when you don’t.

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