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Industrial air-cooled chillers

Industrial air-cooled chillers

Explore a comprehensive range of modular, mobile chillers

Air-cooled chillers

The heart of any industrial chiller system

Whatever your industry or needs, our air-cooled chillers are built to deliver exceptional cooling in a way that’s modular, mobile, and environmentally conscious. From our compact 50 kW chillers to our large 800 kW units, every chiller is designed for easy connection to your HVAC equipment, forming a comprehensive cooling system.

In addition to providing effective temporary cooling for a wide range of applications, our chillers also use environmentally friendly non-CFC refrigerants.

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Chiller applications

Bespoke cooling systems for every environment

Our air-cooled chillers are used in a wide range of scenarios, from rail signalling center cooling during extreme heat to air conditioning. Air-cooled chillers can also be used in manufacturing settings and as part of process cooling to control temperature during production.

Crucially, we’ll work with you to design a bespoke implementation that’s built around your needs. Whether you need a compact unit to maximize cooling in a small space, or a way to reduce downtime in oil and gas, we can help.

We have more than 50 years of worldwide experience

Cooling Case Studies

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