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1300 Rapid Deploy Industrial Generator

1300 Rapid Deploy power generator

An industrial generator that’s built to scale

Save time and money with the trailerized 1300 Rapid Deploy generator

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When there’s no high line available, an effective industrial generator lets you hit the ground running without the need for cranes or complex deployment. The new 1300 Rapid Deploy Power Generation is built to save you time and money with everything included on the skid.

From the natural gas generator itself to the transformer and switchgear, it’s all connected, mounted onto a trailer, and ready to roll into wherever it’s needed. Whether you’re looking for an emergency generator at a moment’s notice or multiple-mounted generators to meet the two-day rig-in window for 2-30 MW fracking, it’s a package designed for speed.

A large generator that’s surprisingly agile

The 1300 Rapid Deploy Power Generator from Aggreko delivers the power you need, wherever you need it, with the least amount of disruption and rig-up hassle.

For oil and gas producers and rig contractors alike, the 1300 lets you scale up power production to meet the challenges ahead. And, because it’s 100% gas powered, it’s also an effective way to reduce your operating costs while controlling emissions and continuing your Energy Transition journey.


A large-scale industrial generator that’s gentle on your budget

Available on-demand and with no CAPEX, the 1300 isn’t just big on power. It makes a small impact where it matters most - on your time and on your bottom line.


How does a mounted generator work?

Fully trailer-mounted and available worldwide, the 1300 Rapid Deploy is ready to roll in at medium voltage without the use of cranes. You can even parallel multiple trailers in minutes, ideal for the most demanding applications.

Why use low pressure gas?

Using a gas generator as your primary source for drilling means significantly reduced costs compared to diesel-powered options. And with support for low pressure gas up to 1300 kW sizing, there’s no need for onboard compression.

Why rent a trailerized generator?

With the Aggreko 1300 Rapid Deploy, get:

Scalable power in a self-contained, mobile unit

Lower upfront costs and no depreciating assets

Emission reductions of up to 50% compared to diesel generators

Get an uninterrupted workflow for oil and gas

When you’re only one turbine failure away from pumps going offline, trust Aggreko to deliver always-on power generation at a moment’s notice. The new Aggreko 1300 is the fastest way to get the industry-grade generator you need, while avoiding the spiraling costs of a complex, time-consuming deployment. We can also substitute gas skids for diesel generators, giving you the flexibility and resilience that can only come from dual fuel sources.

A long-term or emergency generator that’s tailored to you

What makes Aggreko different is our hands-on experience across global industries. We understand the challenges you face - from ongoing power to emergency generator requirements - and our dedicated engineering team can customize a mobile generator package to suit you.

Up to 1.3 MW of power in a trailerized package

A choice of 15 kV, 5kV or 480V

Everything included in a fast to deploy unit

Parallel multiple trailers in minutes

Ready to use the moment it arrives on site

Options to substitute gas for diesel generators

1300 Rapid Deploy Power Generation key data

Cummins QSK60 lean burn engine 1457 kW nominal power Industry leading emissions Natural gas and diesel generator options
Low noise levels The fastest set-up and deployment time Designed for oil and gas and fracking

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See how quickly you could get the scalable, self-contained power you need with the 1300 Rapid Deploy.

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