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Pulp and Paper

Large-scale paper manufacturing plant

“Throughout the project, Aggreko remained in control of the situation and the end result was very positive. Meeting our tight deadlines, they were able to supply us with high quality, reliable equipment and very responsive staff.”

Aggreko Customer

Perfect Paper, Whatever the Weather


Keeping Conditions Ideal at Your Plant

Tumbling. Grinding. Boiling. Filtering. Bleaching. Coloring. Cooling. Drying.

There’s a lot happening at your pulp and paper mill, and every step has to be perfect. 

The slightest mishap and a whole batch could be ruined.

A Fragile Environment

These processes are precise enough to begin with. How do you cope with seasonal changes in heat and humidity?

With shutting off systems for maintenance?

With an unplanned outage to your coolingdehumidification or compressed air systems?

With keeping waste and emissions firmly within regulated limits?

Perfect Conditions, All Year Round

From cooling process water sources for pulp production through to powering operations during a turnaround, our expert team can help with any productivity problem you face at your mill.

You can rely on our best-in-class fleet of cooling towerschillersheat exchangersoil-free air compressors and generators.

You can breathe easy as our expert engineers design tailored, temporary solutions to tackle process enhancement challenges, planned outages or even emergency situations.

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No Need for Costly Downtime

Here are just some of the ways we can help you:

  • Keep all processes at your pulp or paper mill running uninterrupted during preventative maintenance
  • Tackle summer temperatures and humidity, protecting the quality of your paper products
  • Control the temperature of wastewater in line with environmental regulations
  • Provide cooling towers, chillers and heat exchangers to overcome bleach process limitations
  • Supply cool, clean air for MCC Rooms
  • Tailor-design a right-sized installation to meet all your power, cooling, and/or air quality control needs
  • Help you improve and implement better processes without capital outlay
  • Create a contingency plan that kicks into action the moment disaster strikes
  • Respond to emergencies at your mill faster than anyone else in the business
  • Save you money with our streamlined solutions and fuel-efficient units
  • Monitor the performance of all our equipment round-the-clock, fixing problems before you even notice them

Delicate operations need robust support. Don’t wait until environmental conditions are damaging your precious products to tackle the problem. Get in touch today to find out what we can do for your pulp or paper mill!


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