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Process Enhancement

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“We know that the last thing you want is the nightmare of a power outage, so we’ll help you get back to processing quickly.”

Improve production rates and eliminate bottlenecks with our process enhancement solutions

Unit operations are the most important part of your facility. Production rates determine your revenue which means, if you’re not running optimally, you could be losing out on time and money.

Aggreko Process Services is a specialized group that engineers temporary process enhancement projects to improve  unit throughput and profitability.


Our process enhancement solutions will:

  • Resolve process bottlenecks
  • Maintain or improve your production rates
  • Resolve any limited capital challenges
  • Prove out concepts prior to capital expenditures
  • Help meet production specifications
  • Dramatically improve your profitability

We Make Your Processes Profitable

We use our years of engineering experience and process knowledge to deliver  a 10:1 average on ROI per project. Having executed over 1500 projects, our extensive experience helps us quickly assess issues and build a customized solution that streamlines your processes and boosts your facility’s success.


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Unmatched industry expertise that delivers results

We can provide whatever equipment you ask for – but that’s not always the best approach. Your equipment has to match your needs. Too much and you end up wasting fuel and paying for more energy than you need, too little and it won’t stand up to the job when demand increases.

Because we know how much a petrochemical and refinery plant’s demands can change, we match our rental equipment to what’s happening.We then back this up with strict maintenance schedules, around-the-clock monitoring and tech support.

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