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Aggreko ROC team

Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM)

Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM)

Part of our Aggreko Connect online hub, which delivers insights about our project together, enabling you to maximize your operational efficiency, we offer Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM). ARM is specifically designed to observe and monitor the performance of our equipment on-site and can detect and alert our technicians when unforeseen issues might arise.

Limit physical presence but keep business running with ARM!

We’ve got you covered

We use our remote monitoring service to anticipate problems and help you stay ahead of the game – meaning you get the best from both our people and our equipment.

We’re alerted if you run low on fuel, if our equipment needs a routine service, or if there’s an emergency. Then we get to work – fast. We diagnose the problem and work out the best way to fix it. And we do it all with a personal touch.

Staffed with a highly skilled technical team, called our Remote Operations Center (ROC). ROC gives us the knowledge to supply our customers with the power. They are responsible for:

  • Equipment Monitoring – Aggreko Remote Operations Center receives equipment notifications
  • Remote Diagnostics – Alarms enable the Remote Operations Center to identify potential or actual issues
  • Personal Attention – A team member initiates the right response plan for the identified issues Issue
  • Resolution – Aggreko remotely fixes the problem with the site when possible or dispatches a qualified technician with a thorough understanding of the issue.

Remote, but hands-on

Every day, our experienced technicians review data from more than 10,000 generators around the world. We use this information to track:

  • Fuel levels
  • Equipment running times, usage, and power loads
  • Maintenance plans
  • Emergencies, and the need for a backup generator
  • GPS location

Key benefits

  • Maximized uptime
  • Immediate response/assistance from Aggreko specialists
  • Proactive monitoring minimizes risk, resolves issues before incidents occur
  • Technicians arrive prepared to immediately solve the problem
  • Increased machine productivity
  • Increased service cost savings
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Allows customers to focus on critical operations

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How It Works:

  1. The ARM solution transmits real-time data from equipment on a customer’s site.
  2. Aggreko analyzes the data to proactively head off potential issues.
  3. Potential issues are identified the moment they occur.
  4. With the data, Aggreko can diagnose & coordinate resolution faster and with greater accuracy.
  5. If necessary, our team can take immediate action to fix the issue.

Why Aggreko?

Increase machine productivity

Allow our customers to focus on critical operations

Maximize uptime

Improve operational efficiency

How do you do it?

We’re always helping others, just like you

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