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Flare to power projects

Flare Gas to Power

Generate power from onsite fuel resources to unlock diversification and expansion of your power resources

Increasing feedstock diversity requirements is driving complexity and investment in refinery and petrochemical plants across the world and is set to dramatically increase over the next decade. This added complexity will require new processes and systems that will ultimately demand more power.

Plants on long fixed-term utility contracts will struggle to meet this increasing demand and could subsequently face high CAPEX costs to invest in expanding gas turbine based power to meet the new power requirements.

But Aggreko has an alternative solution that can provide plants with all the power they need whilst keeping costs under control. We’ve generated almost 1GW of electricity worldwide from Flare to Power projects. With experience in the freezing temperatures of Siberia, to the heat of Western Australia, we’re equipped to help you wherever you are.

Producing power in this way also helps reduce carbon emissions which is equally important as new regulations and initiatives are being introduced to protect the environment. If you can show you’re already ahead of the curve in limiting flaring you’ll be one step ahead.

Partner with Aggreko for your Flare to Power project and we can give you:

  • Zero CAPEX - no equipment purchase necessary. You focus on your plant and let us do the rest
  • Undertake a wide scope of work technical and commercially. We can invest in infrastructure to partner as an investor to deliver such projects
  • Reduction of both your cost of energy and carbon footprint
  • Reduced risk thanks to our industry-leading health and safety standards
  • Guaranteed 24/7 availability thanks to built-in redundancy and onsite support
  • Fully flexible power that can be scaled up or down as gas volumes change over a project’s lifetime

Get in touch today to see how Aggreko can keep you powered no matter how complex your plant processes are.

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