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Alky reactor cooling solutions

Alky reactor cooling

Bespoke cooling, whatever catalyst involved

Aggreko is currently working with our customers on their Alkylation units where process cooling and reactor temperatures are key variables in the overall success and profitability of the Alky. Aggreko can provide supplemental cooling solutions to lower reactor feed temperatures, lower depropanizer bottoms stream temperatures, or unload heat duty from the refrigeration system.

Additional supplement cooling in an Alkylation unit can provide many operational and economic benefits including:

  • Increased production rates
  • Lower acid consumption
  • Improved alkylate quality (octane, endpoint, etc.)
  • Reduced corrosion rates
  • Improved reliability and extended MTBF for critical equipment
  • Improved fractionation tower performance
  • Product rundown cooling

Our engineered solutions can be designed and commissioned in just a few weeks often without any hot-taps or Alky unit shutdowns.

Case Study

Steering clear of catalyst caking at styrene plant

Experts in temporary power and temperature control solutions

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We provide a full range of rental equipment that includes: