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Dense Air Injection for Compressors

Dense Air Injection for Compressors


Designed for temperature ‘hot spots’ in production, process compressors push air into multiple parts of the production journey, keeping things cool and safe. However, the density of the air is crucial for their success and seasonal temperature increases can make their output redundant quickly. Do you know if your production infrastructure could cope with the summer heat?

Rising temperatures can prevent production targets from being achieved and with less dense air available, refinery and chemical plants with compressors for cooling might struggle with the surge.

Cooling water circuits will get warmer becoming detrimental to all parts of the production process. Critical aspects of production including the Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) unit could be obsolete due to overheating – potentially costing you millions.

Pushing productivity in the summer heat

Push the demand during these hotter months without the fear of shutdown by letting Aggreko Process Services (APS) scope out the problem areas. Aggreko portable chilled water systems, air handlers and cooling coils can easily increase the mass of air to increase the production rate without capital investment, only by applying the Aggreko approach.

Our engineers will provide bespoke analysis of your site with a tailor-made solutions. With widely available equipment, ready in days, make Aggreko the solution to keep things cool, production running and revenue flowing during the summer months.

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