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Dense air injection to gas turbines

Dense air injection to gas turbines


Plant operators will know that keeping a turbine running optimally is tricky, if the unit temperature soars then yield can decline quickly due to less dense air being available and ultimately, the turbine overheating.

Predicting the conditions on site is never easy, however it can be safeguarded. Aggreko Process Services (APS) can scope and make the best recommendation without the guessing game.

Our solutions allow us to be there quickly for when the temperature starts to rise. With various approaches to inlet air cooling, we ensure that your turbine continues to work harder without critical components overheating.

Injecting expertise into a hot problem

With a host of variables contributing towards the decline of your turbine, it’s something we know a lot about, with no ‘one fits all’ approach. Our solutions could include, chillers, cooling towers, heat exchangers, air conditioners, heaters, compressed air and/or power generators. However, they are always guaranteed to be the best for you and the specific needs of your operation..

Generally, the addition of refrigerated air into the gas turbine suction means that the overall power that’s delivered by the unit to the compressor is not compromised. This influx of air matching the need for demand means that shutdown isn’t a fear. The increase in well production ensures that you’ll be meeting market demand without the need to limit production through overheating fears.

With our solutions, you can keep the temperature of the inlet air firmly within OEM parameters improving the performance of the plant but also avoiding damage through overheating.

Avoiding maintenance cost – partner with Aggreko today for a truly dedicated plan of support and expertise for your gas turbine.

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