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Aggreko’s emergency power solutions

We can help you get an emergency power supply quickly after natural disasters

Be prepared for the unknown with Aggreko’s emergency power supply solutions for utility providers

Every year, thousands of homes and businesses experience power outages for hours or days because of emergencies and natural disasters.

Many utility power suppliers and distributors reactively call for support after an issue occurs, resulting in increased costs, increased time to fully restore power, and a reduction in cost efficiency due to over-specification for the emergency response.

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Aggreko Energy Transition Solutions

Get the power going quickly after natural disasters

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Aggreko Energy Transition Solutions

A sustainable solution for emergency power

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Aggreko Energy Transition Solutions

Energizing customers after Hurricane Laura

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FAQs about Aggreko’s emergency solutions for utility providers

How long does it take to get an emergency power supply during a power outage?

Our team of experienced technicians, sizeable fleet, and 24/7 emergency line allow us to move fast to get you the support and emergency power solutions you need. The exact time can vary, but in some cases, we have been able to restore customers’ power within an hour of failure.

What kind of support can Aggreko offer for utility providers in an emergency?

Our emergency response solutions include a wide variety of utility solutions, including heaters; diesel and natural gas generators to provide a temporary power supply; drying equipment; emergency air conditioners and HVAC cooling; and large-capacity cooling towers. All of it underpinned by 24/7 support from our emergency response team.

Can Aggreko help me with contingency planning for emergencies?

Yes! If you know a natural disaster or extreme weather event is on the way, we can help you prepare and protect your business with backup solutions in order to minimize the damage. Our contingency planning service and power backup can help you get back online and give you access to reliable power and other utility management solutions quickly in an emergency – saving you significant costs and time in the process.

How can I get in touch with Aggreko for emergency support?

Our emergency line is open 24/7 for emergency power solutions, expert support, and any other utilities solutions you require. Just give us a call on 844 371 2688 to speak to a real person about your problem. Then we’ll send our local engineers to your site within hours to assess the situation and get you the equipment you need.

We provide a full range of rental equipment that includes: