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Do you need a safe, reliable, and cost-effective turnaround solution?

Every refinery regularly needs to be taken offstream for a revamp and renewal, but doing it with the least amount of interruption to processes and revenue can be a difficult task.

Aggreko provides temporary utility solutions that are innovative, well-executed, and tailor made for your particular needs. Our services include the following:

  • Electrical Planning and Design for the Temporary Power
  • Process Solutions to Reduce Critical Path Items
  • Project Management for our Installation of our Solutions
  • Project Design Packages to Support the Refinery Review Process
  • Post Project Reviews to Capture Lessons Learned and Value Added Gains

Aggreko’s Solutions have:

  • Reduced Schedule
  • Reduced or Eliminated the Need for Diesel Generators
  • Reduced Manpower and Labor Costs
  • Reduced or Eliminated Diesel Emissions
  • Reduced or Eliminated Safety Risks

As a result, our customers have been able to deliver real value to the bottom line!

How it Works – Early Engagement is the Key!

Bringing Aggreko into your planning process early allows for collaboration and innovation between our teams.  Aggreko brings over 50 years or turnaround experience to your event with solutions ranging from simple ideas to complex innovations unique to Aggreko.  Our engineers are skilled in developing temporary solutions and supporting them with detailed engineering that includes:

  • Detailed Electrical Single Line Drawings
  • Breaker Coordination Studies
  • Arc-Flash Calculations and Labeling of the Temporary Equipment
  • Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID)
  • Heat and Material Balances
  • Process Flow Diagrams
  • Equipment Plot Diagrams
  • Satellite Drawings with Equipment Layouts

We work with a range of different refineries on an individual level, and some of our most successful projects include:

  • Maximizing the Use of Available Plant Power
  • Alternative Fuels for Temporary Power
  • Decoupling Process Integrated Units
  • De-inventorying Process Units
  • Aggreko’s Patented Solution for Cooling Fixed Bed Reactors

Our focus lies in safety, easing your schedule, and improving your refinery’s profitability.

When Aggreko installs a temporary solution for the turnaround, we engage with our team of engineers to develop the scope of the work for each individual solution. From there, we develop the detailed design and safety reviews with your team.

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Our Goals Are Aligned with Yours

One of the key pillars for Aggreko is to reduce cost and eliminate waste.  We keep a focus on “Spending your money, like it is our money”.  One key to doing this is through early planning and detailing the design for efficiencies during the execution phase. Our Project Managers are tasked with minimizing the variable costs such as freight and labor and maximizing efficiencies through labor schedules, cost tracking and cost reporting.


Aggreko combines our years of experience and design engineering capabilities to provide you with performance predictability.  Aggreko’s unique ability to design and install our solutions provides you with a seamless project that is back by Aggreko’s industry leading service and technical capabilities. The turnaround solutions we create for our customers are carefully crafted, using the latest equipment and the best-fit strategies for you and your site.

To date, we support more than 25 turnarounds a year in North America alone with regular repeat assignments.

How We Brought One Refinery $14,000,000 in Extra Profit

Carrying out a turnaround can cause major setbacks for refinery schedules and can lead to a huge loss in profitability – one thing this particularly Gulf Coast refinery didn’t want to happen. For them, one unit shutting down meant a domino effect was created where the rest of the supporting equipment was affected.

They approached us to keep the vacuum tower and downstream units running in order to still meet their production targets during the turnaround scheduled for a few months’ time. We assessed their specific situation, brought in three refinery-grade, U-tube heat exchangers to keep everything at the right temperature, and installed a steam condensate drum and high-pressure pump.


This system kept the vacuum unit running, meaning the refinery could meet its deadlines. Because of that, they saw a huge boost in profits, bringing in an extra $14,000,000.

The Value of Aggreko’s Turnaround Solutions

Our turnaround solutions are built on years of experience and created on a case-by-case basis to adhere to your specific needs and circumstances. We pride ourselves on the fact that our clients come back to us time and time again to bring our innovation and solutions to their event to eliminate waste and improve safety.


The solutions we offer provide:

  • Greater safety
  • Faster schedules
  • Reduced Diesel Emissions
  • Continuous Improvement

If your refinery has a turnaround on the horizon, get in touch with Aggreko to see how we can keep your processes running smoothly and your profitability on the rise.



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