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Data center maintenance and emergencies

Emergencies & Contingency Planning

How we help

From small independent data centers to distributed locations for the biggest hyperscalers, we deliver data center redundancy that you can count on.

  • Prepare for every eventuality with engineering-first contingency and BCDR plans.
  • Respond fast to sudden utility constraints caused by rapid data center construction and expansion in urban and remote areas.
  • Get a bespoke plan based on data center age, environmental conditions, and known risks.

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Aggreko's data center emergency life cycle

We design systems to help our customers maintain service and business continuity when responding to unplanned data centre maintenance activities and emergencies

Beyond data centre backup power

Data centre backup generators are core to your contingency planning and how you’ll maintain service during an emergency. But it takes more than power to keep your data centre operating at peak performance.

With Aggreko, get one relationship for all the emergency equipment you need - not just generators, but temperature control, cooling and dehumidification. And with our global logistics and responsive service, we can deploy to any location in record time.

Emergency utilities whenever you need them

As the world’s largest temporary power temperature control solutions company, we can help you build the redundancy and resilience you need to deliver continuity.

From data centre backup power to fast delivery when you need to scale fast, we’re just a phone call away.

A key layer of data centre continuity

Get ahead of unexpected maintenance and emergencies with:

  • Compact generators, temperature control and dehumidification to store on-site
  • Fast deployment with full support from our team
  • Intelligent design to integrate redundant power/cooling into your infrastructure
  • No need for a significant CAPEX commitment

Scalable emergency power and cooling

Maximize availability and service quality with:

  • Modular equipment that can be expanded for endless capacity
  • Responsive service and support if your emergency becomes long-term
  • Flexible rental terms to keep you operational for as long as you need

Unexpected maintenance made easy

Take an agile approach to maintenance with:

  • Mobile units that can be deployed wherever you need them
  • Power and cooling that can quickly be configured to suit new hardware replacements

All backed by our knowledgeable team, 24/7 support, and Aggreko Remote Monitoring.

The power behind effective data centre capacity planning

Data centre redundancy isn’t just about a sudden power outage or environmental emergency. Our redundant equipment can also help you build out additional capacity to be used when demand spikes.

With robust contingency planning, you’ll get a fast, flexible way to scale your power, temperature control and dehumidification right alongside your critical infrastructure. All available anywhere in the world.

“Our global reach and local presence is second to none. When disaster strikes, we’re ready to help data center operators stay up-and-running.”




Expert support and BCDR planning

With hands-on experience across data centers of every shape and size, we’ll work with you to develop an emergency and contingency plan you can feel confident about. From data center backup power to an action plan for securing short-term equipment as required, we’ll give you coverage for every conceivable scenario - and help you deliver seamless service for every single customer.

Experts in power and temperature solutions

No matter the project, our rental services will meet your needs

We provide a full range of rental equipment that includes: