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power and temperature control for emergencies and restorations

Emergencies and Restorations

How we help:

Fast power and HVAC rentals for emergency response

Confidently respond to emergencies, restore working environments, and resume business as usual with Aggreko’s expert support.

  • Get urgent emergency power generators, temperature control, and dehumidification when primary systems fail.
  • Quickly create new controlled and powered environments for emergency scenarios including natural disasters.
  • Plan, estimate, and bid for complex restorations with our guidance and knowledge.

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We help you solve problems and maintain business continuity during emergencies, restorations, and unplanned maintenance activities

From emergency power to complete recovery

Natural disasters, system failures, and unexpected maintenance are rarely one-off occurrences. They unfold in stages, first with an urgent requirement for emergency equipment, and later with the need for practical, efficient ways to restore an environment and get back to usual operations.

What makes Aggreko unique is the breadth and depth of our knowledge and our proven experience. Working with us, you get a single partner for every aspect of your emergency – whether that’s emergency power generators deployed at a moment’s notice, or dehumidification to dry out water-damaged spaces.

Whatever the scale of your emergency, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Operate with no interruptions

Effective HVAC systems and power are crucial to achieving business continuity and creating safe environments. Contingency planning is key, establishing solutions for every eventuality.

At, at Aggreko, we know to expect the unexpected. That’s why our approach to emergencies and restorations is refreshingly flexible – a capable, can-do team that’s ready to adapt to change, design an effective solution, and put it into practice.

Respond to unplanned maintenance

Keep your environment up and running with:

  • Modular power, cooling, and dehumidification on any scale
  • Emergency power generators available at short notice
  • Support to create contingency plans for known risks

A structured approach to natural disasters

From storms to hurricanes, we can help you:

  • Establish safe environments with power and temperature control
  • Use mobile equipment to meet the complex needs of displaced people or patients
  • Protect vital assets including pharmaceuticals with effective cooling

Specialist partners for restorations

We partner with specialized contractors to:

  • Understand your site and project challenges
  • Design, redesign, and estimate an appropriate solution
  • Guide you through the bidding process
  • Deliver solutions, anywhere in the world
“Preparing for an emergency is important, but the wider partnership matters. When disaster strikes, we know how to react with precision and control.”




Making impossible timelines possible

During an emergency or restoration, speed matters. Delivering flexible, scalable power and temperature control is sometimes not sufficient. It is better to prevent high risks situations or irreversible damage. With a uniquely global presence and a local, personal way of working, Aggreko will act fast, anywhere in the world. Whatever the scale of your challenge is, wherever it happens, we’re ready to close the gap between emergency and recovery.

We provide a full range of rental equipment that includes: