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Air handling (AHU) rentals

Air handling (AHU) rentals

Industrial air handler rental to suit any requirement

Commercial air handling

Air handling units are defined by their size and the amount of airflow they can produce. Whether you’re looking for a commercial air handler unit, industrial air handling unit, or large air handling unit for a vast location, Aggreko has the diverse, comprehensive fleet you need.

With sizes including 10 tons, 20 tons, 50 tons, and 120 tons, we have the AHU unit you need - and the flexible expertise it takes to choose and implement the right one.

Air handling systems available

HVAC air handling units (HVAC AHU)

A key part of your HVAC system, a HVAC air handling unit moves air from one area to another. Inside an AHU unit, you’ll typically find a humidifier, filter, fans and a heat exchanger.

Your specific AHU HVAC needs will vary depending on the scale of your implementation and your specific applications. But, at Aggreko, we’ve got hands-on experience delivering commercial and industrial air handling units for every scenario, anywhere in the world.

Air handling equipment rentals to fit any requirements

What makes Aggreko different is the scale of our air handling systems fleet. As well as different sizes, we offer a variety of types of air handling units including low-temperature versions that operate right down to -20℉.

At the same time, we understand the complexities of your project, your environment, and your HVAC needs. As a result, we can work closely with you to design the right HVAC solution, put it into place, and keep it running at peak performance.

Hybrid solutions available to pair AHU with chiller rentals for effective air conditioning

  • All Aggreko HVAC air handling units are electrically powered
  • Our AHU units can produce up to 400 cfm of airflow per ton
  • Keep air moving in low temperature conditions with our optimized units
  • Use rental air handlers with Aggreko chiller rentals to provide effective air conditioning

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