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Industrial chiller rentals for HVAC systems

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Cooling solutions: Air-cooled and water-cooled chiller rentals

Built around an effective cooling system, robust climate control means longer life for your operating equipment, higher productivity, and less downtime. When your HVAC system does its job, you can do your job with confidence.

Whether you need supplemental, temporary, or emergency cooling, Aggreko offers a complete line for air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers. And with flexibility at our core, you can add capacity when needed, maximize production, and stay up-and-running during chiller failure.

Industrial air-cooled chillers

An air-cooled chiller system is a common part of industrial cooling solutions, providing effective cooling for a wide variety of applications.

In an air-cooled chiller, the heat absorbed from processes is vented out into the air. Where your environment can benefit from heat, this is a huge advantage – not just an integrated part of your HVAC system, but solving multiple challenges at once. Aggreko provides air-cooled chiller systems from  10 tons to  420 tons, ideal for any industrial application.

Industrial water-cooled chillers

Water-cooled chiller systems provide unbeatable efficiency, using external water (from a water tower) to cool your processes. For the most demanding environments, a water-cooled chiller delivers cooling you can count on, with capacities starting at  500 tons and right up to  1000 tons.

What makes Aggreko unique is our comprehensive fleet and understanding of your industry and applications. From individual water-cooled chiller rentals to a comprehensive solution for all your HVAC needs, we can help.

HVAC chiller and cooling systems: Lower temperatures with less equipment

Cold store applications are hard to achieve with standard air-cooled chillers. But Aggreko’s specialist air-cooled units can go as low as -22F and our water-cooled units reach -49F when combined with air-cooled chillers or cooling towers.

Achieving your required kW using standard air-cooled chillers can involve a lot of equipment. With high minimum fluid outlet temperatures on your chiller systems, your low-temperature air handlers output a significantly lower kW. But solving this problem doesn’t have to mean adding more AHUs.

Instead, draw from our first-hand knowledge to make things simple. Aggreko’s VLTC can achieve much lower temperature set points and, with higher capacities, we can use less equipment to reach your desired cold store temperatures.

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Low temperature process temporary chiller rentals

When you need to safeguard the quality and productivity of your low temperature processes, trust Aggreko for:

● Chiller systems built for harsh industrial settings
● Environmentally-friendly units with non-CFC refrigerants
● Fast response to temporary, emergency, and high-volume applications like refineries and power stations
● A wide range of water-cooled and air-cooled chiller rentals, from 10 to 1,000 tons

Our line of low temperature process chiller rentals also gives you the flexibility of modular design – ideal for constrained spaces. Available in water and air-cooled versions, these chillers are capable of temperatures as low as -40F.

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