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Power and temperature control for sporting events

Power toward your event goals with Aggreko

Precise, professional power and temperature control

The world's best athletes grab the glory because of teamwork, years of dedication and hard work and also their ability to perform under pressure.

And our team use the same methods.

There is so much at stake under those floodlights. Thousands in the stands and millions at home watching every second on the edge of their seat, gripped by the action. And that's made possible by broadcaster power, lighting and meticulous scoring and timing - nothing can be left to chance.

And with our comprehensive HVAC solutions  providing the perfect environment for both spectators and athletes and our dependable, efficient power making sure all eyes can follow the game - Aggreko Event Services have built a reputation for delivering on the biggest of stages.

Why don't you find out if we can help you score that winning goal?

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