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Virtual Power Plants for Transmission and Distribution Utilities

Engineering solutions for electric transmission and distribution utilities

Aggreko is supporting T&D and Electric Co-op companies through the energy transition with our technical experience and temporary power assets.

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Your Customers STAY ENERGIZED:

  • During Planned Events such as capital upgrades and or operational maintenance programs
  • During or after Unplanned Events such emergencies and natural disasters
  • During Congestion Issues on transmission or distribution conductors

Your Goals are EXCEEDED:

  • Reliability Metrics (SAIDI/SAIFI/CAIDI)
  • Time of Restoration
  • Capital Work Productivity and Efficiency
  • Customer Experience
  • Expediting Grid Resiliency
  • Reduction in Hot Work

Aggreko is enabling the Transmission and Distribution industry to improve reliability, operate more efficiently and expedite grid resiliency while:

  • Improving capital productivity 
  • Working safer
  • Improving return on equity 

Aggreko's virtual power plants can be placed inside any existing power grid, this is enabling T&D companies to keep their customers energized or re-energized. This can be done at low voltages and medium voltages.

Grid on Demand

Our design and engineering teams ensure that we can protect and control the system and communities that you serve, while maintaining your standards, even in a temporary requirement.

  • Coordinates protective devices with existing P&C infrastructure
  • Solves challenges of imbalanced loads, poor power factor, and competing generation
  • Can be tied in at the highline, substation, or underground system

We have a flexible array of equipment, capable of running on various fuel sources, customized for the needs of our customers on a project-specific basis. 


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