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Fouled HEX in olefin plants

Fouled HEX in olefin plants

Engineered solutions tackling productivity challenges - Process enhancement that delivers

Aggreko has helped Olefin plants improve the performance of their quench column during the summertime by providing additional cooling, which has:

  • Enabled olefins production to approach rates seen during the winter months
  • Minimized fouling of compressor blades by heavy oils to restore compressor efficiency
  • Minimized wastage of compressor horsepower caused by excessive heavy oil and water vapors in quench gas
  • Minimized heat loads on the compressor’s interstage coolers

All ethylene plants suffer from summertime issues that force throughput cutbacks, affecting profits significantly.  So, what can be done to avoid these costly seasonal limitations and operate year-round at full capacity?

  • Improve heat exchanger efficiency
  • Provide dedicated cooling loop to the quench water exchangers

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