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Y.Cube - 30 minutes

Key Data

  1. Battery Type
    Lithium Ion
  2. Rating
  3. Voltage
    400 / 480 V, 3 phase V
  4. Energy Capacity
    610 kWh
  5. Ambient Temperature
    -20 °C to +50 °C (-4 oF to +122 oF); winterization package on request; Power rating reduced by 50 kW/°C above 47 °C °C
  6. Operating Altitude
    1500 m (4920ft); de-rated operation up to 4000 m (13120ft) on request m

Physical Data

  1. Length (m)
    6.06 m
  2. Width (m)
    2.44 m
  3. Height (m)
    2.8 m
  4. Weight with batteries
    19,152 kg
  5. Weight without batteries
    13,968 kg


  • Plug-and-play energy storage solution
  • Side-entry cable connection reducing site foundation
    and installation costs
  • Integrated thermal management and fire suppression
  • HMI interface
  • Closed ventilation system for deployments in harsh conditions
    with exposure to dust, sea water or salt spray
  • Tolerant to sea, road, rail, air transport and type tested to
    ISO 13355


  • Allows to integrate (more) renewables into your energy mix
  • Lowers your fuel costs
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Optimises usage of the grid and avoids curtailment
  • Allows unmanned operation thanks to automated asset management
  • Rental model gives you flexibility to adapt to your future needs and avoids stranded assets

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