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Power and temperature control for telecommunications


Keeping your customers connected

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All around the world, we are connected through phones, the internet, cellular networks, TV and radio. With people connecting more than ever, it’s essential that you keep the lines and airwaves open for your customers.

We understand the unique power, cooling, energy storage and dehumidification needs of telecommunications companies and media broadcasters. We can use our rental equipment to provide power and loadbank testing when you’re installing masts and transmission towers, or bring in cooling, battery storage and dehumidification equipment for telephone exchanges. We can also support you during upgrades and maintenance – whether you offer telephone lines, mobile, internet, cable, radio, or TV services.

From installations and maintenance, to power and temperature emergencies, we can provide the equipment needed to keep your network operating at its best.

Cooling and powering telephone exchanges

We know that climate-control is critical to maintaining the copper wire, broadband and fibre-optic systems in your telephone exchange. We can help you control the environment to keep your equipment working efficiently.

Our technicians have the expertise to provide reliable backup power and precise cooling and dehumidification equipment when you need to commission new exchanges, upgrade existing facilities, or carry out routine maintenance.

We’ll provide rental equipment that will work alongside your existing systems and within the limited space available in your exchange. We can bring in our backup generators and air conditioning units to supplement your climate-control systems, or replace them during maintenance. And in the event of a power outage, we can be there quickly with temporary generators to keep things running until the grid is back online.

Telephone exchanges need precise climate-control to run at their best. Our coolers and dehumidifiers get the job done.

Powering your networks

The more remote the location, the less likely you’ll be able to tap into the local power grid while you install new masts, transmission towers and networks. We can support you with rental generators to power your project – no matter where your site is located.

Whether you’re building a new cellular tower, or need to supply your cable TV service to a new property development, we can help you to connect your customers quickly. Aggreko can also provide backup power, heating, energy storage, cooling and dehumidification equipment while you carry out upgrades or routine maintenance.

Power Generator and Temperature Control Hire for Shipping