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Power and temperature control for pharmaceuticals


Our service offering:

  • Power
  • Cooling
  • Heating
  • Dehumidification
  • 100% oil-free compressed air solution
  • Engineered solutions for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device manufacturers

Keeping your facilities critical utilities and production processes running at optimal efficiency

How do you maintain consistent temperature and humidity, sterile conditions and business continuity during production obstacles or maintenance and expansion projects? These are problems we solve for Pharmaceutical customers around the world, every day.

Leading API manufacturers and developers trust us to diagnose, engineer and install turnkey solutions to their utility emergencies faster than any other company. And for our ability to protect the most tightly controlled and regulated conditions, without interruption.

Our comprehensive range of engineering services and power generation, heating, cooling, low temp chillers and dehumidification equipment gives you the tools to immediately solve problems when they happen — and prevent them before they happen.

So, whether you need to preserve temperatures from sub-zero to steam heat, overcome a crisis, or avoid downtime, we’re more than a supplier. We’re your long-term partner.

Turn-Key Support

From project management and design to remote monitoring and emergency response — and every step in between — we take strides to keep our clients in working order. To spot and solve problems at their root cause. Monitor and maintain equipment. And overcome emergencies. All without interrupting your operations. And with our emphasis on efficiency, we help companies eliminate expenses and maximize ROI along the way.

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Have a contingency plan in place

A proactive approach doesn’t just eliminate uncertainty. It gives you the direction and confidence to solve failures and emergencies in their tracks — without escalating the issue. At Aggreko, our industry expert engineers and technical specialists can work with you to create an efficient and exhaustive contingency plan. Covering your critical emergency power, compressed air, and temperature control needs throughout your facility. Having a partner for your critical utilities and contingency planning allows you to have peace of mind to operate your facility under challenging conditions.

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Industry leading technology and equipment performance

We lead the temporary utilities industry with more than our expert engineering services. We maintain a fleet of the best-in-class power, energy, heating, cooling, compressed air and dehumidification equipment you need to solve the pharmaceutical sector’s most pressing utility challenges. Including a suite of chillers capable of achieving low and ultra-low temperatures, for your most complex reactor and process cooling processes. Our industry leading equipment and pharmaceutical knowledge allows us to help achieve your business objectives today and into the future with your ESG and Sustainability goals in mind.

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How We Partner with the Pharmaceutical Sector:

Process enhancement

We are the only rental company operating within the Pharmaceutical and Biotech sector to possess a dedicated in-house process engineering team. With unrivalled expertise and a robust proven track record, our services ensure your production rates are not compromised through bottlenecks, seasonal changes or any other issue that could limit your process yield and efficiency.

Business continuity

Engineered contingency plans and risk mitigation for critical utility infrastructure during seasonal events, unplanned maintenance and emergency response.

Shutdowns and maintenance

Our dedicated engineers and technical specialists reduce downtime, eliminate safety risks and restore critical utility failures. From basic maintenance programs, to full plantwide shutdowns, we excel at designing, preparing and executing the most complex shutdowns and maintenance projects.

Expansions and renovations

Temporary utility solutions for testing/commissioning/validating new systems, bridging the gap to permanent utility start-ups due to long lead times or construction delays and maintaining utility reliability while new systems are being built and modified.

Installed capacity

Due to high costs of R&D and new drug development, critical utility system CAPEX outlays may be a burden to your master facility plan. Also, if certain pharmaceutical products have changes in demand, or R&D clinical trials do not reach approval, permanently installed utilities may be underutilized. We can install capacity quickly to your central utility system allowing you to focus on core business objectives while Aggreko provides installed utilities as a service or OPEX.

Energy transition

Support business ESG and Sustainability goals by increasing energy efficiency, provide cleaner fuels for power and cogeneration, water conservation and environmental compliance reducing GHG emissions caused by utilities.


So, whether you’re working in a research laboratory, production room, or warehouse,

We can provide temperature-control equipment that won’t let you down.

What’s more, our technicians have the skills and experience to correctly calibrate our equipment to your needs – helping your pharmaceutical operations keep running at their best.

Experts in power and temperature solutions

No matter the project, our rental services will meet your needs

We provide a full range of rental equipment that includes: