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Energy, power, HVAC and oil-free rental solutions

We make sure our customers in the US have industrial power, HVAC and air conditioning when and where they need it
Introducing our Greener Power Packages

Who is Aggreko?

We provide temporary turnkey solutions, allowing our customers to focus on their business and production goals, knowing that everything related to power, heating, and cooling is in expert hands.

About Aggreko

Aggreko products

Flexible and efficient industrial power and HVAC rental solutions View our product range

Why Aggreko?

Expertise, reach and performance for all your energy solution needs


We employ over 6,000 specialists in 60 locations around the world. We are trusted by governments and business alike – who value our sector expertise.

About Us


We have the largest fleet of power, heating and cooling equipment. Our flexible, modular rental delivers greater certainty and control.

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We develop and invest in the latest, cleanest, most efficient technology to improve performance, cut emissions and reduce costs.

Greener Upgrades


From flexible rental and telematics to Greener Upgrades and decentralized power, simplicity is at the heart of every solution.

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We’re developing for a low-carbon future. As a business we’re investing in more sustainable products, fuels and services to make greener solutions accessible for our customers. Wherever they are on their journey we can help them to make informed decisions and support them to be cleaner and greener.

About Us

Natural gas fired turbine power plant with it's cooling towers rising into sunset sky


Every day, around the world, we solve power, heating, cooling, and dehumidification challenges for our customers.
Building sites, global events, oil rigs, power plants, refineries, manufacturing sites, data centers - we have experience in every sector to provide the ideal solution for our customers.

Small shifts make a big difference in improving efficiency, costs, and sustainability.

That’s why we developed Greener Upgrades – an initiative designed to unlock a new level of customer value while supporting your sustainability goals.

Greener Upgrade New, best-in-class low emissions technologies

Greener Upgrade Expert services that deliver enhanced efficiency and reliability

Greener Upgrade Consultations with our forward-thinking experts to help you find the most effective solution.

Together, we’re headed toward a greener future.🌱

Get to Know our Greener Power Packages

Aggreko sectors

Power and HVAC rental solutions delivered by sector specialists

Aggreko solutions

We’re the leading provider of flexible energy and HVAC solutions

Greener Upgrades

Lower costs and emissions

Greener Upgrades

Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant, Chelyabinsk, Russia

Get back to business with minimum effort

Emergency Response

Keep things easy with our fuel solutions

Fuel Management


Safe power no matter how high the voltage

High-voltage power

Cutting costs and emissions with combined heat and power


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Manage your account more effectively

Aggreko Connect

Virtual Pipelines

We work with you to enable virtual pipeline projects where possible

Virtual Pipelines

Greener Power Packages & Alternative Energy

Emission-lowering technology to support your net zero goals

Greener Power Packages & Alternative Energy

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Limit physical presence but keep business running with Aggreko Remote Monitoring