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Unlocking a new level of customer value with alternative energy solutions in our Greener Power Packages


Unlocking a new level of customer value with alternative energy solutions in our Greener Power Packages

Temporary power packages for reducing your carbon footprint while improving efficiency and reducing fuel costs

Our Greener Power Packages have been designed with our customers in mind, offering simple, flexible and best-in-class alternative energy solutions to drive reliable and impactful results.

By enabling small shifts, we can help make a big difference in unlocking a new level of customer value and reducing carbon emissions. Through our new products, expert services and innovative bespoke solutions, we partner with our customers to support their energy transition, along their own paths and at their own pace.

Together, we are headed toward a greener future.

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All of our packages include the following services:

  • Right-sizing (load on demand) to minimize inefficiencies
  • Remote monitoring services to improve the reliability of our solutions
  • Fuel & DEF management service to optimize fuel use and replenishment

Greener Power Package: Great

Our first package includes our Tier 4 Final diesel generators

Our fuel-efficient, low-noise and low-emissions Tier 4 Final diesel generators are designed to cut down on harmful pollutants and comply with the most stringent EPA requirements for diesel engines. Renting our temporary generators can help you take a significant leap forward on your efficiency and sustainability journey.

Our generators operate in the same way as the cleanest car engines, reducing:

  • Particulate matter (PM) by 98%.
  • NOx by 96%.
  • CO2 when used in a way that minimizes fuel consumption, or by using environmentally friendly biofuels.

Greener Power Package: Greater

Hybrid power system, coupling our Tier 4 Final diesel generators + Battery energy storage system

Our modular plug-and-play batteries provide dependable, consistent power while reducing your costs and carbon footprint.

This hybrid solution ensures fuel is only used when it’s needed, to recharge our batteries or to provide supplemental power. This type of solution offers maximum flexibility and control over how power is generated and used, leading to enhanced efficiencies, cost savings, and reliability.

Greener Power Package: Greatest

Off-grid hybrid power system with alternative fuels

Power system that integrates our low-emission generators, battery storage and clean fuels, such as HVO biodiesel, to achieve the greenest level of temporary power.

On-grid electrical distribution

Electrical distribution solution designed and delivered based on your specific load requirements to optimize your sustainability and efficiency. Use grid power and our electrical distribution equipment to distribute power safely and efficiently.

Greener Power Packages

From GREAT, to GREATER to GREATEST, the more complete the package, the more enhanced the benefits.

Greener Power Packages & Alternative Energy

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Wondering how to reduce emissions? Improve efficiencies, lower costs and support your sustainability goals with Greener Power Packages

Aggreko’s Greener UpgradesTM initiative helps our customers improve efficiencies, lower costs, and make choices that support your sustainability goals.

It’s built around small shifts that make a big difference to the value you get from new products and innovative solutions.

If you’re looking to reduce emissions, our Greener Power Packages have been designed with our customers in mind, combining the latest technologies with expert services and support from our world-leading specialists in greener energy products., delivering benefits for the environment and for your business.

What is the most environmentally friendly generator for businesses?

It could be a Tier 4 Final generator that runs on diesel or HVO biodiesel or a hybrid power system that combines a Tier 4 Final generator with a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). It all depends on your business needs and challenges.

We’ll work with you to find the perfect combination of efficiency, cost savings, and sustainability. Choose from our ‘Great’, ‘Greater’, and ‘Greatest’ Greener Power Packages to find the mix of greener energy products that suits you perfectly.

Why choose Aggreko for greener energy solutions?

There’s no one solution to achieving an efficient, cost-effective, low-emissions future.

So we’ll work in partnership with you to find the best solution, combining tailor-made solutions with the latest technologies to deliver ultimate value.

We also provide:

  • 24/7 support
  • Advice and consultation throughout setup and operations
  • Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting through Aggreko Remote Monitoring

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