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Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)


Industrial & commercial energy storage systems

Our plug and play battery energy storage solutions are designed to deliver the ultimate in performance efficiency. What makes our energy storage unique is the quality of every component, based on our in-depth understanding of what you need to achieve.

Expertly manufactured to ensure every component delivers optimal performance, our solutions provide dependable, consistent power. All while reducing your operational costs and shrinking your carbon footprint.

Whether you’re looking for ways to power a microgrid, add reliability to a hybrid system, or optimize your operations through smart energy management, we’ll provide the ideal energy storage system for you.

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What is energy storage?

An energy storage solution is a system that captures and stores energy you can use later. Battery storage is often used to store energy from renewable sources that would otherwise be wasted, or deal with the challenge of variable loads from sources like solar and wind.

  •  Increase flexibility

With more control over when you use the energy you generate

  • Reduce costs

By reducing your fuel consumption and using all the energy you produce

  • Control emissions

With energy storage that doesn't contribute to your carbon footprint

Types of energy storage solutions

Aggreko’s energy storage solutions use batteries ranging from 30 kVA and 60 kVA to 1 MW.

Regardless of your load profile, our smaller lithium-ion battery storage offers a robust, highly mobile solution for customers with varying needs. Their compact footprint and weight makes them easy to transport and appropriate for the smallest of spaces. All while substantially lowering fuel costs and emissions.

Single battery energy storage systems can also be easily combined to deliver the power and energy capacity you need–from 30 kVA to multi-MW–and can cover a variety of applications with flexible, reliable, cost-effective power.

Hybrid battery storage system

Increasingly, customers of every shape and size want to reduce their dependence on single sources of fuel and power. A hybrid power system integrates low-emission generators and battery storage systems, bringing multiple power sources together in one seamless, self-contained package.

Hybrid energy gives you maximum flexibility and control over how you generate and use power–from powering a microgrid to creating redundancy for improved resilience.

Energy storage solutions: 24/7 at your service, risk-free

With no upfront cost and a competitive rental fee, we guarantee that our battery storage systems deliver 24/7 reliability and 100% peace of mind: O&M services, remote monitoring, and performance guarantees are all included. If the value you gain from our battery fails to meet your expectations, give us a call and we’ll pick it up.

Plug-and-play battery: all-in-one battery energy storage

Our battery storage is a ready-to-install energy system with everything included in a standard container. That includes batteries, inverters, HVAC, fire protection, and auxiliary components, all tested by our experts and operated by the smartest software on the market.

Flexible rental contract

Our plug-and-play battery storage contracts start with rental periods as short as six months and a simple monthly or annual fee. But our way of working is as flexible as our energy storage systems – and our terms can easily be adapted to suit your business or changing market conditions.

Commercial & industrial energy storage that’s modular and scalable

Single units can be easily combined to deliver the power and energy capacity you need. Our 30 kVA, 60 kVA and 240 kVA batteries, as well as our hybrid power system, can cover a variety of key applications for more flexible, reliable and cost-effective power.

Energy storage system applications

  • Eliminate waste by storing unused power until you need it
  • Reduce carbon with environmentally friendly generators and efficient battery storage
  • Control environmental emissions with low-emission generators and no-emission battery storage
  • Store additional energy for unexpected spikes in demand

FAQs about Aggreko’s energy storage systems

What is a battery energy storage system?

A battery energy storage system, or BESS, stores any energy you produce but don’t need to use. This energy can then be called on whenever you need it – to meet increased demand, supplement your primary power source, or provide power when your yield is low from renewables like solar and wind.

How do battery energy storage systems work?

Energy storage solutions use batteries to store energy. These range from small, low-capacity units to sprawling multi-MW systems. In a solar-powered system, for example, you might produce more energy than you need during daylight hours. This can be stored in your energy storage system. Then, when the sun goes down and your solar system stops producing, your battery solution can step in to provide the power you stored earlier.

Is battery storage renewable energy?

Renewable energy is defined by the way the energy is produced – sources that don’t run out (like wind and solar) are renewable. In this sense, a battery energy storage system is renewable when the energy it stores comes from renewable sources. However, battery storage is efficient and environmentally friendly, allowing you to store and reuse power with no emissions.

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