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Industrial air dryer rentals

Industrial air dryer rentals

Providing a total solution to your compressed air needs

Aggreko’s bespoke air solutions combine air dryer rentals and compressed air equipment to meet your business needs

To support the widest range of compressed air dryer applications, we design air dryer rentals with all the necessary instrumentation and ancillary operations. Our rental air dryers can be matched with rental air compressors and aftercoolers, creating a total air solution.

Our regenerative desiccant air dryer rentals deliver dried, filtered, pressurized air for industrial applications like manufacturing and construction. Our rentals can also be used to provide oil-free air during a shutdown, planned maintenance, or unexpected downtime.

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Industrial air dryer rentals with dew point remote monitoring system

The dew point is the temperature at which water vapor condenses into liquid water. For companies using oil-free air, this point needs to be carefully monitored and managed. If not, moisture enters the machinery or product, causing costly damage and disruption.

Aggreko’s desiccant industrial air dryer rentals offer dew points as low as -100℉ with capacities of up to 5,400cfm. Every industrial dryer unit is equipped with mounted particulate and oil-removal prefilters, automatic condensate drains, and an afterfilter that clean outlet air down to .01 micron.

Our industrial dryer rentals are also supported by our 24/7 remote monitoring system real-time dryer performance, operation, and alarm notifications, without needing an engineer on the ground. On average, the system identifies issues every five minutes – so you can catch issues early, reduce your operating costs, and prevent the impact of downtime on your bottom line.

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