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Oil Free Air Compressor (OFA) and desiccant air dryer,  service training, Moerdijk, Netherlands

Desiccant Air Dryers for Rent

Providing a total solution to your compressed air needs

Aggreko rental air dryers can be matched with rental air compressors and aftercoolers

Desiccant Rental Air Dryers

Desiccant-based rental air dryers have capacities up to 5,400cfm with dew points as low as -100°F. The units come equipped with mounted particulate and oil-removal prefilters, automatic condensate drains, and an after filter that cleans outlet air down to .01 micron.

Air Dryer Rentals & Compressed Air Equipment

Aggreko’s basic design philosophy is to equip these units with all necessary instrumentation and ancillary operations. Aggreko rental air dryers can be matched with rental air compressors and aftercoolers, together or separately, to provide a total solution to your compressed air needs.

Dried, filtered, pressurized air can serve many useful functions at manufacturing sites, construction projects or for other industrial applications. Aggreko meets these needs with regenerative desiccant-based rental air dryers.

Dryer Dew Point Remote Monitoring System

The dew-point; the temperature where water vapor condenses into liquid water, can be an issue for companies using oil-free air to operate their equipment or process. If the drying system is not monitored correctly, it can lead to moisture entering the machinery or product, causing damage and disruption to operations.

Aggreko’s new development is a significant step forward for the industry, as it can offer real-time dryer performance, operation and alarm notifications - without needing an engineer on the ground.

The 24/7 monitoring system enables customers to receive alerts and check that their dryer is running optimally and make any necessary adjustments that are required. On average the system can identify issues every five minutes, ensuring that any troubleshooting can be made as quickly as possible.

Catching these issues early allows customers to save operating costs as well as preventing an impact on their bottom line.