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Cooling & Heating HVAC Rental

Industrial cooling systems and solutions rental

Industrial cooling, ventilation, and air conditioning, available from a responsive partner

Industrial & commercial cooling and heating solutions to keep your business running smoothly

Cooling systems for industrial and commercial use

From cooling your workplace and data center to strict temperature control for food production, Aggreko offers customized cooling rentals and a range of cooling systems to suit every application. Our technical expertise means we understand your challenges – and how to solve them – whether you need a small, compact unit or a more complex industrial cooling system.

Industrial cooling equipment available

Aggreko’s rental commercial and industrial cooling systems: customized, large-scale solutions for your business

Effective industrial cooling systems and temperature control lead to longer life for your equipment, higher productivity, and less downtime. Aggreko’s thorough understanding of the most demanding temperature applications means we can provide a solution that’s tailored to you.

Whether you need a single one-ton air conditioner or a complete turnkey system, we’ll provide the rental equipment you need to keep your business running.

Industrial cooling solutions applications

Frequently asked questions about Aggreko’s cooling systems

Why choose Aggreko as your cooling systems partner?

Aggreko’s North American rental specialists bring comprehensive expertise in industrial cooling. Whatever the scale of your environment and objectives, we’ll help you find the right rental solution, deploy it effectively, and monitor performance for continued, reliable service.

How does industrial cooling work?

There are many approaches to industrial cooling, from spot coolers that target specific areas and processes to industrial HVAC and air conditioning. The ideal solution is one that brings the right elements and equipment together. With Aggreko, get a solution that’s tailored to your environment and applications.

What is an industrial cooling system?

An industrial cooling system is made up of all the individual pieces of equipment that help cool an area or process. This will be optimized for the unique challenges of an industrial setting. These could be extreme temperatures, harsh environments, or simply the sheer scale of equipment required.

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