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Load bank rental

Load bank rental and power system accessories

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Rental load banks for power equipment testing and generator maintenance

Whether you’re load-testing your electrical system or carrying out an artificial load test on your generators, a load bank rental gives you a flexible way to test your energy system.

At Aggreko, we provide load bank rentals from 100 kW to 6 MVA with various power factor testing capabilities. At the same time, we provide an unparalleled level of understanding, support, and capability for testing on any scale.

We’re a single source for everything from a small unit that fits through a standard door to scalable setups with five units linked together and transformer rental. All with the level of quality, weatherproofing and durability you’d expect from an industry leader.

We make things simple by helping you plan your test, then we program our load bank to match

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Prevent the risk of costly power failures and maximize efficient production during routine maintenance

Load Banks and Accessories for Power Equipment Testing

Our load bank rentals range in size from 100KW to 6MVA, with various power-factor testing capabilities. Compatible transformer rentals are also available, and the units are durable and weatherproof. Up to five units can be linked and operated from one control panel. Our smaller units are portable and compact enough to fit through a standard door.

What is load bank for generators testing?

Required by law in some regions, generator load bank testing puts your generator and energy system to the test at a variety of different electrical loads. A generator load bank test is an effective way to see how your system performs in a range of day-to-day and challenging scenarios, so you can get ahead of issues before they become major problems.

What is the difference between resistive and reactive load banks?

Load banks can be reactive or resistive, matching the power draw of your planned applications. For example, resistive load banks are well suited to testing energy sources for lights and heaters, while reactive load banks are more appropriate for energy that powers motors. Working with Aggreko, get a capable team to guide you through the right choice for your environment and test plan.

What is power factor testing?

Power factor testing is designed to assess real-world power factors against expected performance. At the most basic level, this gives you insight into potential issues, from degrading insulation to wetness. In this way, comprehensive electrical load bank testing alerts you to maintenance issues earlier, so you can take a proactive approach and keep up and running.

Load bank rental 24/7/365

  • Testing lower power factor simulation, frequency converters, or full electrical system integration
  • Commissioning newly installed turbine or diesel generators
  • Performing maintenance testing on equipment
  • Constructing gas turbine platforms

For over 60 years, customers have trusted Aggreko for load bank rentals. The reliability and practicality of our load bank rentals for power system testing helps prevent costly power failures and maximize efficiency during routine maintenance.

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