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Aggreko Mobile Substation Upstream Midstream Operations

Mobile Substation

The Aggreko mobile substation is the quick install, low-cost mobilization option


The new Aggreko mobile substation is the perfect solution – it’s a fully mobile system that takes available utility power, then steps it down or up with appropriate protection to help power your projects or auxiliary equipment on site, resulting in quicker operations and dramatically lower emissions and costs

Mobile substations are autonomous systems that offer maximum mobility and flexibility. They can be prepared, transported and operational in a very short space of time, making mobile substations the ideal solutions for addressing a range of contingencies that projects may face.


Packages can be designed with transformer, power metering, and an auto transfer package that allows line power to be used as the primary power source for drilling and fracs, whilst maintaining the generation as a backup if desired.

Fully scalable, it comes in a variety of configurations with one substation alone capable of producing the power of up to 4MVA* or larger diesel generators. This makes it perfect for repeat processes at different locations or for supporting auxiliary equipment on larger frac sites.

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A variety of configurations to suit your requirements

  • Mobile substation in a single trailer or several units (modular designs can allow the possibility of independent working of each unit).
  • Exact equipment specification of each vehicle/container/substation including one or more of the following key components: HV/MV switchgear, power transformer, protection and control panels, auxiliary AC&DC services, HV/MV cable and reels and system control equipment.
  • Assembly and testing at our factory, so that the mobile substation is ready to be energized as soon as it arrives at its operational location.

Aggreko’s mobile substations benefits:

Reduced costs

Reduced emissions

No CAPEX required

The ultimate turnkey solution

We provide turnkey solutions for temporary, reliable power to all our customers. This allows you to focus on your business and production goals safe in the knowledge that your energy provision is in expert hands. Our new substation takes this ideal further with a fully mobile, trailerized system with variable power and redundancies built in. It’s the ultimate turnkey solution for shorter-term drilling operations, and to help power auxiliary equipment on fracking jobs, where highline power is available.

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