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The right resistive/reactive Load bank for you

How our resistive/reactive load bank fleet makes testing possible

The right resistive/reactive load bank for you

How our resistive/reactive load bank fleet makes testing possible

Whether you’re undertaking generator maintenance or testing equipment, our resistive/reactive load banks are a reliable, practical choice. With a comprehensive line-up and ampere ranges from 3.3 to 6 MVA, you can conduct high voltage power system tests on any scale, across gas or wind turbines, generators or UPS systems.

What makes Aggreko different is our flexibility and expertise. We know your industry - and we can help you find the ideal generator load bank to test your core equipment.

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Load bank testing

Effective load bank testing for every application

Our resistive/reactive load banks cover a huge range of different applications. Whether you’re managing a hybrid power plant or working in renewable energy with wind or gas turbine testing, we can help.

We provide resistive-only AC loadbanks, combined resistive/reactive load banks, and DC load banks. All are available in a range of sizes to suit your specific scenario

With generator load bank testing equipment on a global scale, Aggreko has the fleet you need to conduct accurate testing, anywhere. We also pair our load banks with simple, intuitive controls, including full test data capture for proof of testing.

Visit our load banks overview page to find out more. You can also explore our range of resistive load banks.

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