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Hybrid power plant package utilizing battery storage

Solar-diesel hybrid

Industrial hybrid power key benefits

Get reliable off-grid power 24/7 with a hybrid power package for net savings of between 5% and 15% compared to a 100% diesel-powered grid. It’s fast to deliver and set up – and all bundled into a single contract.



  • Energy optimization for up to 20% reduction in electricity cost

  • A reliable hybrid power plant,
    available 24/7

  • A single turnkey contract for
    solar, battery, and thermal

Our hybrid power plant package is designed to benefit any industry with a power need in a location with limited or no access to permanent power. Sectors include mining, islands/remote communities, renewable energy, data centers, oil and gas, utilities, manufacturing, and food & beverage.

"We have the experience and know-how, so adding renewable technology was a natural step and helps us bring addition benefits to our off-grid customers."

More flexibility, reliability, and revenue – our hybrid solutions let you efficiently combine renewables with thermal generation and battery storage for energy optimization

Generators running on diesel, heavy fuel oil, or gas have been providing reliable power for years. Especially in remote areas, for many years they were often the only choice to ensure safe and stable electricity supply to communities and businesses.

With the rise of renewables this has changed. Once solar or wind plants are installed, generation costs for power are almost zero – as are emissions. But, unlike thermal generation, wind and photovoltaic (PV) are variable power sources. Therefore, the growth of renewables may lead to increased grid instability and operational uncertainty, especially on isolated networks.

Battery storage is the third pillar of our offering and key for a stable and reliable power supply. It strengthens your hybrid power plant and grid by buffering the impact of fluctuating power demand and supply. At the same time, you increase your generators’ life span and decrease associated operations and maintenance (O&M) costs by running them less and more efficiently.

Scalable hybrid power - wherever, whenever

To maximize your efficiency, our hybrid power plant package smartly combines solar, diesel, and battery storage – all seamlessly integrated and managed by our sophisticated software. You’ll benefit from reliable power around the clock, come rain or shine, saving money and helping you do your part for the environment.

Our hybrid power plant solution is available for rent with no costly upfront investment, so you can retain capital for your operations. And it delivers the same flexibility we’re known for: scalable power, whenever and wherever you need it.

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Reliable now, reliable in the future

With Aggreko, count on expert support when you need it – no matter how remote or challenging your location. From making sure you’ve got peace of mind with detailed planning to remote monitoring, you can be sure your hybrid power plant will always work just the way it should.

For more than 50 years, we’ve collaborated with a wide range of industries. This experience means we’re able to bring optimal, cost-effective, reliable solutions to every customer – no matter how unique, urgent, or extreme your job is.

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Industrial hybrid power systems

With Aggreko’s industrial hybrid power system, we bring sustainable, dependable power to any off-grid location. While solar has an important role to play in these environments, it takes a more sophisticated, seamless system to provide consistent energy.

A hybrid power plant uses multiple sources of electricity to power the grid, offsetting the strengths and weaknesses of each source. For example, a solar array paired with a battery energy storage system keeps electricity flowing, even when the panels aren’t fed with enough sunlight. The Aggreko solar-thermal hybrid system uses solar power and thermal generators to provide constant power, anywhere.

Crucially, Aggreko knows how to make complex systems feel simple. With automatic power transfer switching and intelligent power transfer systems, your hybrid power plant constantly responds to changes in demand and availability. All on a simple agreement with no capital cost and short five-year starting terms.

Applications of hybrid power plants in different industries and sectors

Our strong focus on resilience and reliability means our hybrid battery and power systems are used in a wide variety of different industries – including some of the most demanding. Applications include event power, data center power, and power systems for onshore petrochemical and oil refining.



Hybrid power plants

You get reliable power 24/7, as well as net savings of between 5 and 15% compared to 100% diesel powered grid. It’s fast to deliver and set up – and it’s all bundled into a single contract.

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